Why I’m over over-parenting

Fantastic read and so very true

Mummy Says...

Their rainy afternoons are spent crafting and baking, they spend hours upon hours on new messy play activities dreamt up by mummy, and their schedules are  filled with playdates and outdoor adventures. Are they among the luckiest children in the world? Or are they over-parented?

I found myself longing wistfully the other day to be a better parent. I felt guilty about not doing enough fun stuff with my baby and toddler. I had stopped taking them on our daily whatever-the-weather walks, I realised. I hadn’t taken baby Jasmin to the park enough now that she was big enough to enjoy the swing. I hadn’t come up with a new messy play idea for a while. I hadn’t scoured Pintrest for ages for new projects for crafts with toddlers.

And then I realised – it didn’t matter.

Almost without realising, I’ve taken the pressure off myself to live up to an impossible ideal…

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