It’s the little things that count

I woke this morning smiling about the beautiful day we shared as a family yesterday. Full of the little things which make me smile, and why being a parent to Lil G is the best job in the world. So I thought I would share them with you…

It started with cuddles in bed (a weekend ritual in the Hargreaves house), garden fun, a trip to one of our favourite places… Trentham Gardens and ended at Nanny and Grandad’s for a chippy tea. Simple, beautiful, all about family.

And here are the small things which made me smile today…

1. His first words ‘Did you have a good sleep mummy’
2. His morning routine ‘Cuddles in the big bed, followed by ‘milk please mummy and Curious George’
3. Can I have a shower too mummy? (His first shower!)
4. Look mummy it’s sunny ‘yay’ (with his arms up in the air)
5. His excitement at playing in the garden with Alfie Bear (our doggy)
6. Running off in front of us shouting ‘yay we’re going to the playground’
7. Practice makes perfect mummy (talking about kicking his football)
8. Crying because we had to wash ‘Spidy’ off his face
9. For the first time he read a passage from what seems to be his new favourite book …
‘We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We’re not scared.’
10. His last words before bed ‘Love you like jelly tots’

Our new favourite story

Our new favourite story

Spidy AKA Lil G

Spidy AKA Lil G

Off to the playground

Off to the playground

My commitment to Lil G is to show him that it’s the small things that count. I can’t promise I won’t shower him with gifts especially on his birthday (have I mentioned he’s 3 in June!) and Christmas, however I will ensure to raise him to be the most beautiful, well mannered and grateful boy. I love you like jelly tots.

Happy days

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