Work Life Blend

It’s days like today when I appreciate the flexibility I have to work from home. Its a big day in the Hargreaves house today you know (another story or should I say blog!).

Something I never really considered before Lil G arrived was the importance of work life balance. I would often find my self sat at my desk, 7.30am breakfast in hand, ready to attack the day. And at the other end of the day it would be 8.00pm before arriving home, rather hungry to a disgruntled boyfriend!

Looking back, was I committed or foolish?

I was definitely committed and actually I really enjoyed it too. Only now do I look back and think it may have been a tad foolish. Did I need to be sat at my desk for 12 hours, often not taking a lunch break or worse still taking a call from a client whilst waiting for the boat to take us to Ellis Island, having just got engaged! The answer is NO. Granted back then, I only had myself to think about, and the husband to be of course, but really he was self sufficient! However I wouldn’t have changed it, well maybe the call when in NYC, it cost me a fortune!

Our 'we're engaged selfie' 2008 NYC

Our ‘we’re engaged selfie’ 2008 NYC

Only after our beautiful boy arrived in June 2011, did I question the work life blend required for me to 1) remain a success in my day job and 2) be the loving, caring and hands on parent I really wanted to be.

After all having a child is a lifetime commitment, one that can’t be taken lightly in my opinion. I choose to work not only because I want to but because I have to, I’m proud to say I’m the breadwinner. Do I envy ‘stay at home parents’? I don’t think I do, mainly because I love my job. It goes without saying that I am very lucky in that I work for a business which allows me the flexibility I need to be a success at both. I work full time however I split my time between working in the office and from home. It’s perfect.

Unlike so many of my friends I don’t fear having to make the call about a sick child, a Drs appointment or worse the dreaded call from Lil G’s nursery. My two MD’s are both parents and truly understand, they are also male which seems to make a difference!? That’s another blog, male vs female! They also know that I am committed and will work as long a day as necessary to get the job done.

Work Life Blend

Work Life Blend

I do believe I have the work life blend which enables me to remain a success in my job but also to enjoy life as a mummy. I refer to it as blend as the two often intertwine, although negotiating an offer for a candidate recently with Lil G telling me he needed a poo poo was let’s just say a little bit messy!

I often think I could join a circus given all the balls I manage to juggle.

What does work life blend mean to you? Does it exist? Answers on a post it.
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2 thoughts on “Work Life Blend

  1. Ahhh Kerri-Ann you are here on Share With Me. I hope that means my email made sense! lol Thank you ever so much for linking up. Fab post. I agree with it’s so great to have balance. I am trying to work from home and be successful along side raising two babas. It’s amazing and like you said it’s nice not to have to make that dread sick call into work. I hope that it long continues. What a great post. Your blog is lovely and I hope to see more of you at Let’s Talk Mommy. lol 🙂 #sharewithme


    • Your email made a lot of sense, thank you. Dropped you a couple back actually. I look forward to linking up, read some great posts on yours today, need to make time this weekend to keep reading! #sharewithme


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