My favourite ‘Lil G’ phrases

As Lil G approaches the grand old age of 3 (shudders), I thought it would be a nice idea to write down some of our favourite phrases. You know, the ones which make you smile, go all gooey inside, wanting to just pull them close to you and hold on to them forever. I couldn’t help but share them with you. Maybe this could be a post I review each year, just before his birthday *puts note in diary*.

These are my ordinary moments or my favourite Lil G phrases …

I’m not a cheeky monkey, I’m George Archie Hargreaves

A little help please

You’re welcome or more recently ‘You’re welcome Princess’

You’re not done yet son (when playing with his toys, don’t you just love their imagination)

Have a clap mummy

What are you doing here? (when he opened his Superman toy on Christmas Day)

I love you like jelly tots (This is my favourite)

Please, pretty please (with hands on face, so angelic)

Lets play ball games (referring to football or kicking as Lil G calls it)

You’re my best boy (talking to Alfie Bear, our doggy)

I’m going on an adventure

Daddy’s my best friend (he took great pleasure in telling his swimming tutor yesterday)

Delicioso (his own word for something yummy!)

I love you too (this made Lil G’s Nanny cry on Saturday)

And of course, in true ‘mummy hargreaves’ style I have included some pictures of Lil G acting out the above phrases…

I’m going on an adventure

Have a clap mummy

Have a clap mummy

You're not done yet son - talking to Goofy on the train

You’re not done yet son – talking to Goofy on the train


I can’t help but smile when I look back at this list. It’s so important to remember The Ordinary Moments, they so often disappear in to the madness that is parenting. What phrases do your little ones say?

Thank you to host @MummyDaddyMe for creating this linky and see you in 2015 for part 2 of My Favourite Lil G phrases.

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8 thoughts on “My favourite ‘Lil G’ phrases

  1. I love this post! You’re absolutely right, you have to write these down before they get forgotten. I love the first one especially – get it right parents.
    My little boy is only just starting to talk and will try to repeat everything you say to him. So for now we still get “cheeky monkey ” delivered with a big grin, though I wonder whether that might change when he figures out what it means!


    • Ha ha, yes he’s very aware now, and very strong willed about it! Makes me chuckle. I love the fact that we can have a conversation, your little one is at such a lovely age if just talking x


    • He is a cheeky monkey, but if you call him that he’s not happy! I really do love hearing him call my princess, he often tells me he is my knight, saving me from the lady dragon! That’s another post! X


    • Aww i’m glad you liked it, I can imagine it’s the small things like this which will disappear in time so I’m trying to keep a note by writing it down here x x


    • It’s truly lovely, great to hear him having chats with his friends and toys. I do like it when he comes out with a new one, have to remember to write it down! x


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