Tea and cake anyone?

Health warning! You may see pictures of scrummy cake. Avert your eyes now…



Have I got your attention? Ok, so tell me have you ever thought to yourself… Where can I go to enjoy tea & cake with my toddler, in a relaxing, child friendly environment?

As a mummy now it’s important for me to eat cake and drink tea! Well that’s what I tell myself! How else am I to cope with the sleepless nights, mmmm confession time. Lil G slept through from 11 weeks so actually it’s not to get me through the sleepless nights it’s just for the love of cake. There, I’ve said it, phew, I’m glad that’s off my chest.

Anyway, I was saying. I made it my mission to find as many parent and toddler friendly cafés as possible over the last 2 and a bit years. Mainly because as a parent with dare I say it a baby that sometimes cried, and more recently a toddler who has tantrums. I found it really difficult to feel relaxed and welcome in some cafés. In my time searching, I have only found two in my local area that really stand out. Shocking really, don’t you think?

Can you believe that on the numerous occasions I have visited Trentham Gardens I only came across Capabilitea in March of this year! I can honestly say, it is a shame I have not come across it before. Although, my husband does not share my enthusiasm, as I am now always looking for a reason to meet up for tea & cake!

Capabilitea Tearooms with it’s vintage style, serves delicious teas, steaming coffee, hot chocolate and of course scrumptious cakes. The Tearooms has been there for 2.5 years and like any gem, is hidden away in a quiet spot amongst the Shopping Village. If you park in the mother & baby section on carpark J (for those with children that is) and walk straight into the shopping village, it is the second shop on your left with a white picket fence outside.

The tearooms

The tearooms

It does prove to be popular with many children, and makes an adult lunch a little bit less stressful when the little ones are playing for a while. Ooh the thought of drinking my hot tea whilst Lil G plays makes me want to go back! Chef George enjoys his visits to the kitchenette, if you’re lucky and sit near us you may even be served tea by the budding chef, albeit in a plastic cup!

Chef George!

Chef George!

To those visiting without children, please do so as there are numerous tables situated away from the two children’s areas. The owner and staff really try to do what they can for all that might walk into the shop, its a fine line between cosy tearooms where mum & toddler can each enjoy themselves and mad tearooms full of screaming kids and no adults enjoying themselves anywhere.

Having spoken to Marie, the owner it’s clear she has achieved what she set out to do when opening the Tearooms. She has made meeting up for tea & cake achievable for everyone hence the children’s kitchenettes, being breast feeding friendly, the dietary specific milks & cakes, and why it’s not crammed with tables everywhere, so that wheelchair users can get in without too much bother.


Alternative menu

Alternative menu

So the answer to my original question, is yes! Capabilitea is a child friendly cafe, the owner has ensured that its not a (dare I say it) soft play centre and is a tearooms for everyone to enjoy. As I may have mentioned you will find delicious homemade cake and a very impressive selection of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Mmmmm hot chocolate (sings song from the Polar Express).


mmmm Hot chocolate!

mmmm Hot chocolate!

You can't beat afternoon tea!

You can’t beat afternoon tea!

Well done to Marie and all the staff at Capabilitea, you must be super proud.

For more information on the Tearooms you can tweet the team @CapabiliteaCafe – find them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Capabilitea-Tea-Rooms/284283064925576 or via the Trentham Gardens website http://www.trentham.co.uk/


5 thoughts on “Tea and cake anyone?

  1. Oooh we love it in there too! Probably one of the best places to go for tea and cake at Trentham! We live really close and often pop in for a treat 🙂


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