London baby!

Normally my adventures would involve a toddler, Mr H, most definitely a football, possibly a dog and let’s not forget an occasional bear hunt!

Well, unlike any other Tuesday I am going on an adventure, all on my own. Yes that’s right, no toddler, no hubby and no dog! How will I cope? On this occasion, I think I will be just fine *does a little dance*. Not only because I’m going to London but also because today is the launch of a new parenting website, Up All Hours of which I’m going to be a Resident Writer for. I’m so excited to meet all my fellow #UAHResidentWriters. I have the pleasure of becoming a part of something very special. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Feeling very special!

My exclusive invitation!

It really was a huge surprise and an honour to be asked. I’m relatively new to blogging, but loving my journey so far. On a monthly basis I will be posting a blog to the Up All Hours website, a combination of my ramblings of being a mummy, a full time working parent, a football widow, cake loving, tea drinking blogger! Fingers crossed you enjoy the ride. I cannot wait to start writing. Shrieks with excitement. Look out for it won’t you… Up All Hours – – the website will officially be open for view on Friday 23rd May.

I’m sure many of you have come across the master mind behind this fabulous new site on twitter, if you haven’t then look her up @UpAllHours She’s lovely and I’m sure like me and so many others you will be adding another follower to your twitter list and blog to read!

Now I just need to find my way from Euston to Piccadilly… Eek. This is the reason why most of my adventures include Mr H, or at least a person politely offering me directions through my car. And so my adventure begins, be back soon with pictures, that is unless I get lost around the streets of London. Wish me luck.

KA x


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