Up All Hours you say

You may recall my post on Tuesday called London Baby  – well this is the promised report back on my adventure to the big City and of course the Launch of Up All Hours – a new parenting website. On a serious note, I’ll try not to list too many!, the three things that stand out for me about this site are..

    1. It is a ‘parenting’ website, non gender bias, for mummy’s, daddy’s, same sex parents alike
    2. It is fresh, modern and totally unique in some of its features – look out for the 1st UAH Nappy Challenge featuring Jamie Oliver! It’s hilarious
    3. The ability to log on to ‘Up All Hours’ and see who and why people are awake, emphasising their strap line ‘It’s good to know you’re not alone!’

As you will have noticed from my ramblings in my post on Tuesday, I was a little anxious about my tube journey and of course navigating through the streets of London. I was after all commuting to London at the busiest time of the day, on my own, without Mr H who is generally the navigator! It was busy, frantic actually. However I had done my research, read the ‘how to ride the tube manual’ and knew what I had to do! I am glad I did, as clearly the left is for those who are running late! Push, shove.

Stand on the right!

Stand on the right!


Launch party venue!

Launch party venue!

On top of the fact that we were able to meet Jamie Oliver, the very handsome Ben Shepherd (I have a crush), and of course the founder of Up All Hours, it was really lovely to have met up with 4 other parent bloggers and experts, who will be joining me in becoming a Resident Writer for this fantastic new site. We have all got to know each other via Twitter but never met. In true ‘Mummy Hargreaves’ style here are some pictures.

UAH Pic1

If you are enjoying reading my blog, I would like to encourage you to look up my co Resident Writers; Blissful Baby Expert, MammaMullen, Katie Hardie and of course Diary of the Dad who sadly was often behind the camera!.

It’s official, by day I am a Finance Recruiter for WWB Recruitment where you will also find my ramblings, mainly about the world of recruitment, and by night I am a Resident Writer for the new and fantastic Up All Hours parenting website.

I am pleased to say that the website is now LIVE …. what are you waiting for, get on there and register. Happy new website day Sam, good luck, lets do this!

Signing off today as…..

Resident Writer Badge



3 thoughts on “Up All Hours you say

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  2. Lovely to meet you at the launch and great write-up! If you look carefully though, there’s one picture I didn’t manage to avoid being in – I’m inadvertently photobombing you on the shot with Ben Shepherd – sorry about that!


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