Date night (part 3)

For those that follow ‘my thoughts’ you may recall a post by the name of ‘Half Term Roundup’ where I and a friend agreed for Lil G to have his 1st sleepover with them on Friday. For those readers who are new to my blog *welcome* and thank you for popping by, here is a little recap…

Basically, Mr H and I really struggle to find time to have a regular date night. It is mainly down to not having a big enough pool of people who are able to sit for us. Nanny is always happy to watch over our boys however, she does like us to be home for 11pm. Which is ok, and more than acceptable, however this didn’t really suit the type of night out we had fast approaching in the diary. So, during a day of adventure with Lil G’s friend F, the topic of a Sleepover came up, and our master plan was created. Wow, Lil G was to have his 1st Sleepover!

Not only was this exciting (for us as well as Lil G), it also meant that both Mr H and I could have a drink, at the same time, without one of us driving and (more importantly) without the 6am alarm known as Lil G. I can confirm, that we all survived his first sleepover, he had a lot of fun and actually so did I. If I’m honest I haven’t enjoyed many child free nights since Lil G was born in 2011, so this was actually a HUGE breakthrough for the Hargreaves family. So much so that we are already planning the next one.

I won’t lie, it was a little weird coming home and not seeing him asleep in his bed. Even weirder was the morning routine. Can you believe I actually warmed his milk for him and popped the Disney Channel on, he wasn’t even in the house! Sadly I still woke at 7am however what this did mean was an extra hour in bed, although as I didn’t go bed until 2.15am I actually lost sleep that night! Would it be wrong to have a sleepover and then go to bed early? Wow that sounds good!

Rather than continue to type, I thought I would show you just how well it went, in pictures…



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