Goodbye’s are never easy

 Bye Bye Potty

It’s been fun, we’ve laughed, cried, had some good times (when aimed correctly) and some bad times (when said tail was not tucked in) and of course some ugly times (many of them stinky *pinches nose*).

I wasn’t quite prepared for the reaction Lil G displayed when we explained to him that today would be the last time he used the potty. He is most definitely a sensitive soul. Bless him, he cried, his bottom lip went and generally he looked sad. I should have expected it really, he did the same when we said goodbye to his pram. The poor fella who bought it off us, felt incredibly guilty and actually asked if we were sure.

Until recently I was quite happy having Lil G’s potty downstairs, it’s such a long way to our bathroom. It’s not because he doesn’t like the Big Boy toilet, I guess it’s laziness on our part. However, we realised the time had come when some friends came to visit recently. Lil G decided he wanted a poo and point-blank refused to go upstairs, he was desperate and like his mummy loves routine! He wanted his potty! Our friends are pregnant, so understood (or did they, I guess we’ll never know!) but still they weren’t quite prepared for what came next, Lil G, dare I say it, groaning whilst having a poo! Embarrassed doesn’t quite cut it. They left quite soon after, Oops.

How I see it is that we must have made the whole potty training experience a positive one, he really did enjoy decorating it after each successful trip. Unlike some little ones he embraced the potty and really made us proud. For more on our potty training story take a look back at my previous ‘We did it’ post.

As I write this post and only 15 minutes after saying goodbye to ‘The’ potty, Lil G came running to me (it’s always me by the way), made a grunt and whispered ‘I need a poo’. I bundled him up, and made the journey down the hall, up the winding stairs, along the landing and into the bathroom as fun as possible.

What came next was totally unexpected…. Are you ready, you’re not eating?! Right, here goes, Lil G randomly said ‘Come on poo poo, get out of my bum’. As i’m sure you are now, I laughed out loud, which of course meant that it was repeated several times! I could hear Mr H chuckling away.

It was a deliciously cute moment.

Hooray, no more tears, and in true Lil G style he saw this next stage as an adventure. Three squeezes of love. From me. To him.

How have your little or big ones reacted to change, a special toy being removed? Potty training. A change in routine? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

KA x


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31 thoughts on “Goodbye’s are never easy

  1. Ahhhh fab – you must have made it so positive and really great he’s been loving it and using it happily! Let’s hope the same continues with the big boy’s toilet 🙂 Very cute story!! #binkylinky


  2. Aww what an adorable post and way-to-go your little guy for leaving the potty in his past and gazing into his potty-free future! So exciting! I have little Belle to potty train next year! Fingers crossed its smooth sailing like her older sister was! haha! Hopeful thinking? haha xx


    • Do you know, I often think it’s how you tackle it as to how they progress, I don’t think you can pop a ‘best age’ on it. Hopefully her older sister will help too! Good luck x


  3. My daughter once did an unexpected poo on her potty in front of her God mother who has no children – was mortified! But like you the toilet isn’t close so I’m working on a “no peeing in front of guests” rule!


  4. aaah, thats cute in a weird way) unfortunately i dont have experience with potty apart from my own but i dont remember much) seems like you made it fun for your little one which is great


    • It’s most definitely possible, I honestly believe in all the little bits we did though which made it fun, as well as Lil G is very adaptable. Good luck with it. I found those friends who started and stopped regretted the stopping part x


    • It was very funny, get out of my bum!! Still makes me chuckle! We started in October, i’d say within 6 weeks he was potty trained. But if i’m honest it wasn’t until March when we really thought we were accident free. I’ve enjoyed this stage if i’m honest. You should look back at my ‘We did it’ post if you’re about to try potty training x


  5. Ah, I love him! Such a character. We only have an upstairs toilet and did the same. No more potty! I figure it’s exercise anyway, I never move quite as fast as when I hear the words ‘I need a poo poo mumma’! xx


    • I’d recommend you just take a potty with you, each time you get out of the car try first. The difficult part is learning to trust them, when they say they don’t need to go. And remember to pop them on straight after a nap!! Good luck


  6. I was thinking of this too. We had an okay time already with his potty training and our toilet is upstairs. I wonder if its time for us to say goodbye to the potty and go upstairs. I tried putting the potty on the stair landing but I started having accidents. So I put it back down. Maybe after he recovered from his fever this week I will try again as its half term anyways. Nice read this post =) #sharewithme


  7. I did laugh my head off and may have spurted my coffee out too! Too funny the things toddlers come out with. I love it. So innocent. We are trying to say goodbye to the little potty downstairs and we have a downstairs toilet so how lazy are we… but we just don’t want the fight at the moment. Buba is the same he has routine so badly and I attempted to see if he would go on the big potty and he point blank refused and freaked out. he held it in for days and then sat on his little potty and filled it up. Not sure how to transition him. That’s amazing your little guy did it so well. Bravo!!!! Thank you for linking up to Share With Me. I love your posts each week. #sharewithme


    • We started on the potty in October so it’s been nearly 8 months before ditching it! Now need nanny to do the same (that’s another battle, with nanny not G!). I believe it’s easier to do it at their pace, if you think it’d be a fight now, I wouldn’t do it. Good luck honey and it’s a great linky x


  8. Oh gawd, we really need to figure out this whole potty training malarkey over here! Bear has to have poo medicine & i fear his poop issue will hinder our progress! I did an ordinary moments post on bears routine & being a creature of habit…!! lol x


    • Does he have lactulose? Lil G occasionally needs it. To be honest sitting on the potty or toilet does make it easier. OMG … I will read it! I really enjoyed the potty training, ask away if you need help x


    • Aw bless him, I always try to be very very positive but they can get phased. We’re very lucky that he can move on from things quickly! 🙂


          • 9

            Kidding! She’s 2 1/2. Basically yesterday at home she did all wees on the potty, no accidents and just made it in time for a poo before the bath so it was a top day. Today, not so much but I put it down to not being asked as frequently. Just a little annoyed as she asked me before bath time and did one on the toilet straight away so she does get it. Just might have needed a bit more prompting today. TMD- Soz! X


          • I found we were asking Lil G to go constantly, it was only a couple of months ago when we stopped asking him. It’s such a big thing to grasp isn’t it, never had to think about their movements for 2 years and then all of a sudden they do. It’s pretty marvellous actually. Good luck with it x


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