Well this is a first, a post about me! So, as it is about me, here I am …

This is me

This is me

My blog is mostly filled with my thoughts on parenting and our adventures as a family. However I thought I would link up to Brummymummyof2’s ‘All About Me’ linky, here goes, my first post, not entirely related to my family.

As Lil G is fast approaching the grand old age of 3 (I may have mentioned this before!), I seemed to have turned a corner in wanting to venture out. Alone, without him and sometimes without Mr H. So in the last 2 weeks Mr H and I have had our first nights out together since the turn of the year. 2 in fact, and one of them was Lil G’s first sleepover (You can read more about this on my previous post Date night).

Already I think I’m doing quite well. So when I told Mr H that I’d booked two further nights out with the girls, he was a little surprised. Although very happy, he has often complained at me over the last two years, for not venturing out with the girls more often. If I’m honest I just wasn’t ready. I am now. Let’s do this!

Anyway I’ve digressed, let me tell you about my planned nights out, actually they could be all-dayers (is that even a word?!). For those of you that know me, I’m not the type of person to go on an all-dayer! I’m more likely to be in bed tucked up before midnight, still waking with a hangover in the morning!

A place, which I really enjoy visiting as a family is Trentham Gardens, beautiful Italian Gardens, a really fantastic playground, a beautiful lake and a fantastic shopping village. A great place to visit as a day out for the family! Well, a few weeks ago, the ‘Whats on’ guide made it’s way through my letterbox and to my surprise it was advertising the upcoming Live Music and Outdoor concerts. OMG. This was perfect. They are themed, tribute bands, always fabulous (so I’ve been told). I love a dance, even more so with a glass of Prosecco, so as any one would, I put out a text to all my friends and I’m pleased to say we have two booked in the diary!

I’m off to the ‘Motown Vogue‘ night with one friend and the ‘Kylie & Beyonce’ night with a group of us. Born in the 80’s, I grew up on Motown music so I’m rather looking forward to it! And of course you can’t help but shake your booty to a bit of Kylie & Beyoncé!

What’s great about these events, is that despite the show not starting until 7.30pm, you have access to the gardens all day, you are welcome to take your own alcohol, a picnic, a chair and a blanket and of course let’s not forget the dancing shoes!

It goes without saying that I am very much looking forward to coming out of retirement. Prior to Lil G arriving into the world, I was a music loving, picnic eating, Prosecco drinking kinda gal who always looked forward to a night out with the girls.

Fingers crossed Mr H offers to do the  6am get up with Lil G the next day!

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8 thoughts on “#AllAboutYou

  1. YAY! All about you!!!!! Me and my hub are going to V festival this year minus the sprogs and I cannot wait to have a few sneaky Pimms and a bit of a boogie whilst the kids are with the rents. Thanks so much for linking up lovely lady. Really appreiciate it! xxx


    • It was a pleasure, my husband was at the V Festival on his last jolly when Lil G decided he wanted to pop out, 7 weeks early! Enjoy my love x


  2. Know just how you feel! Our S is 3 and I’d just got used to having ‘me’ time again before the arrival of L (now 7m). Sure I’ll be ready for nights out before too long! Have a great time dancing in the park 🙂


    • Thank you, fingers crossed for sunshine! Try to get yourself some ‘me time’ … It’s something I put off and actually looking back, I really didn’t need to


  3. Way to go momma! I am just like you, with a two and one year old I am always so reluctant to leave them! It is good for is though to have some time to ourselves. I think your posts has encouraged me to try to venture out, even if just for a few hours! 🙂


    • Before this year Sasha I haven’t wanted to really, I have done but never really enjoyed myself. Something seems to have changed this year. It’s exciting! Go on, try it hon x


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