For the month of June I am taking part in the #SnapHappyBritMums ‘Linky’ photo challenge. For those of you that read my blog, you will know that this most definitely sums me up, I am a Snap Happy Mum, always posting a photo which makes me smile on Instagram (kahargreaves), Twitter (@kahargreaves) and Pinterest (kahargreaves).

Read more about this Linky here, but for now I leave you with my snaps …

1st June - Sunshine (Trentham Gardens)

1st June – Sunshine

2nd June - Fascinating (Imaginative play)

2nd June – Fascinating


3rd June - Black

3rd June – Black

4th June - Storage

4th June – Storage


5th June- Tree

5th June- Tree

6th June - Poster

6th June – Poster

7th June - Bargain

7th June – Bargain

I thought it would be a good idea to review my first 7 days photo challenge, so here goes …

1st June – Theme ‘sunshine’ – our view across the lake at Trentham Gardens
2nd June – Theme ‘fascinating’ – watching my boy ‘imaginative play’
3rd June – Theme ‘black’ – Black heels always brighten up a rainy day
4th June – Theme ‘storage’ – my little boys toy box
5th June – Theme ‘tree’ – are meant for climbing
6th June – Theme ‘poster’ – my little boys 1st Marvel poster
7th June – Theme ‘bargain’ – new baking equipment, on sale



June 11th - 'Luxury item'


June 12th - Dos and Parks

June 12th – Dos and Parks



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