Up All Hours

For those of you that haven’t heard me shriek with excitement, read it on one of my many Tweets or seen images on my Instagram page, I am now a Resident Writer for an amazing new parenting website, which goes by the name of Up All Hours.

Resident Writer Badge

Up All Hours is a new parenting platform that connects, entertains and most importantly supports parents who are ‘Up All Hours’. Have you seen the first ‘Nappy Challenge’ featuring Jamie Oliver? It’s hilarious. Here is the link http://upallhours.com/videos/the-nappy-changing-challenge-jamie-oliver/.

In the early days I was most definitely #UpAllHours and found myself searching for parents who were too, I came across Sam Sims on twitter one day, the founder and the rest is history. We have developed a lovely friendship, I have with so many of my online parenting community actually, and I would encourage you to do the same by joining us on Up All Hours.

Each month along with a number of other #UAHResidentWriters and #ExpertWriters we will be sharing our thoughts, frustrations, ramblings, wisdom and often hilarity. We are all very different, from different parts of the world and with different backgrounds. The only two things connecting us are 1) we are parents and 2) we have been or are Up All Hours.

This new parenting platform is revolutionary in it’s style and there are so many more exciting features in development. Some of the things I love about it are;

  1. You’ll be able to see who’s online, why and where in the world.
  2. The website changes from day to night, in terms of the colour and graphics
  3. Creative content including resident writers, interviews, videos and loads more exclusive treats, there’ll always be something interesting to read or watch.
  4. It is a parenting site, not based on gender. Whether you are a same sex couple, a single parent, a daddy, a mummy or a grandparent. This site is for parents alike.

I have now written two posts for this fabulous site; ‘New Beginnings’ (May 2014) and ‘Just Us’ (June 2014). I’d be delighted if you would consider popping by. You will find them here http://upallhours.com/author/Kerri-Ann/.

KA x


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