Football Widow

After nearly 10 years of being on Mr H’s arm, one would think I would have come to terms with the fact that I will forever be a football widow. Sadly not a Wag, just a widow! It slipped my mind (I’m not quite sure how), that 2014 was a World Cup year. That was until I was serenaded by Daddy and Lil G to ‘We’re singing for England, England’. With the World Cup around the corner, excitement is building in the Hargreaves House. Lil G has chosen his two teams, quite possibly influenced by Daddy!


Mr H is so lucky that Lil G was born with the ‘I love football gene’ and shares his passion for all things football or as Lil G would say ‘kicking’. It will be no surprise to you that it didn’t take long to enrol our budding footballer into Soccer Tots classes, that would be at the age of 2!


Even without the build up to the World Cup and Daddy’s general love for the game, he has been kicking balls since he was old enough to really. I remember the Nursery staff commenting on how much Lil G favoured footballs over other toys. 2 years on, and this comment has been echoed as he moved to the Kindergarten in May.

Just look at all these balls. We find ourselves avoiding the areas in a shop where there is a football visible. Lil G will shop and shop and shop for footballs, he’s becoming a bit of a hoarder.

football crazy

Each season comes and goes, with Mr H’s commitment remaining ever strong. Not only is he a die hard Manchester United fan (attending his first game on the 6th October 1993, holding 2 season tickets since 1996 with his Dad), he also enjoys playing football too. So, not only does he go to watch the game, maybe twice a week, he also plays it once a week. So there you have it, I am a football widow. Which spikes every 4 years. A World Cup year.

In the early days hubby would take me with him to some of the Man Utd games, (it was quite exciting actually, 22 men running around, kicking a ball, in shorts!) or I would get to go shopping at The Trafford Centre, spending 3 glorious hours shopping, sitting in Starbucks, reading a book. And then, Lil G arrived (smiles through gritted teeth) and of course nothing has changed for Mr H (know that feeling?!) but sadly I no longer get dropped off to shop until I drop!

It is a joy to watch our little boys love for the game blossom. It really makes me smile. Football will always remain their thing, which is super cute. Apparently there will be face paint on Saturday!

The topic of football came up with Nanny & Grandad at the weekend, Nanny dashed to the Hargreaves Family picture drawer, and this is what she pulled out …

Si football Si football1 SiFootball2 SiFootball3 SiFootball4

These are memories which Mr H often recalls. He speaks so fondly of his trips to Old Trafford with his Dad, standing, waiting, hoping to see a player, waiting patiently for a photograph, an autograph or even a shake of the hand. I’m really looking forward to Lil G winning his first ‘Man of the Match’ trophy, or his first ‘League’ trophy. I’m not sure he’ll ever be able to get as close to the players as Mr H did, but if he’s anything like his daddy, I’m sure he’ll try.

KA x

10 thoughts on “Football Widow

  1. Amazing pictures-my second son is football mad and pretty gifted so far (he was dribbling from 10 months old and not just teething)-our house, car and garden are full of balls-here hopes he’ll play in the World Cup one day! No pressure! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


    • These football suits will be the death of my bank balance I’m sure! He’s only 3! Have a lovely weekend #BrilliantBlogPosts


    • I do love the bond. The footballers were Eric Cantona, Lee Sharpe, Ryan Giggs and Sir Alex Fergusson #brilliantblogposts


  2. Love this, and love the photos! This really is a love affair with football. I’m glad we aren’t the only ones with so many footballs! Milin is like Lil G – he can’t go past a toy shop without needing a new one! X


    • ‘I need a football’ are very often the words! I’m sure he knows today is the start, he’s already playing football!!


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