Dear Mr H …

We love you … Happy Fathers Day

Fathersday1 Fathersday

To us daddy, you are …

as strong as THE HULK, as fast as SUPERMAN, as brave as BATMAN, as smart as IRONMAN, as courageous as CAPTAIN AMERICA, as tough as WOLVERINE. Who needs a SUPERHERO when I have a daddy like you

Without you I wouldn’t have him – my biggest challenge, yet my greatest achievement. Nothing on earth could make me happier than watching my son discover the world. He fills each of my days with happiness and pride, a feeling I know I’ll savour and never let go. Ever.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you … for being our super hero, the best daddy to our boy and furry baby and husband to me. We love you. I may not always pat you on the back, or thank you millions and millions, instead I am writing it down for you to look back on and remember when I forget to say ‘thank you’.

Here’s to another great year. Just Us. Love you lots, like jelly tots.

Daddys Little Helper Fathersdaypictures fathersdaypictures1 fathersdayspictures2 George & Si fathersdaypictures3 fathersdaypictures4 fathersdaypictures5

A rare #Hargreaves family photo

A rare #Hargreaves family photo




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