To Infinity & Beyond

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Mount Snowdon we go

Without the shovel and pick, but with a walking stick

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho

So the day has finally arrived. Team WWB vs Mount Snowdon. Today we climb 3500 ft. Eek.

Mount Snowdon we will conquer you. Today is about team bonding. Spreading the WWB Recruitment love around the team, as well as fundraising for a very worthy cause. Forever Manchester (@4everManchester), who support the local community, they fund community projects, work in neighbourhoods connecting local people, groups and agencies to share their talents and resources to make long terms improvements to their community and well-being.

As a team we have a range of fitness levels and body types so it is important for us to work together, offering support, a gentle nudge or even a push down the mountain if you annoy me. You know who you are!

I’m hoping for good weather conditions and a clear sky, which the weather man has promised me might I add. I said my final ‘weather’ prayers before bedtime … 1) so that it’s safe 2) therefore more enjoyable (who wants to climb a mountain in the rain) and 3) so I can enjoy the views and take lots of pictures of course, it’s all about the pictures right? Oh, and of course the fundraising.

Don’t feel obliged however, if you’re sitting at the comfort of your desk or even your sofa then maybe you could spare a thought for the 8 of us … Or even take that one step further, and donate a few pennies, every little bit counts after all. I’ll leave it with you.

I have my bag, my supplies, appropriate clothing, sun screen, sunglasses of course, lots of water and my comfy shoes (hopefully to reduce the chance of blisters). I’m all set. Ready, lets go. To Infirnity & Beyond.


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