Love The Little Things #3

Stop. Relax. Sips tea. Looks back. Taking a few minutes to appreciate the little things which have made me smile this week. Yes that’s what this gorgeous linky is all about. Hosted by the lovely @butwhymummywhy … And here they are …


I have now finished the beautiful story of The One That I want by Giovanna Fletcher. It really was a stunning read, just as romantic and heart breaking as her first book Billy and Me. It’s one of those books which grabs you from the start. Chick Lit at it’s best.

Lil G has returned to another old favourite ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. He’s at the stage where he is reading to us, melts my heart listening to him recite his stories. He’s also found a new collection of books, written by Claire Freedman and Ben Curt. He’s fallen in love with these stories, and after just one read of them on father’s day he recited them to me that evening. Dinosaurs Love Underpants and Aliens Love Underpants.



Wait for it … Mamma Mia. Super Trooper, lights are gonna find me *sings along and taps foot*. As a child I was raised listening to ABBA and I still love their songs to this date. It takes me back to my childhood. I just love Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.

I also watched Lil G give his dad a huge cuddle on Father’s Day. Rest his head, take in a deep breath and tap his back. It was such a grown up think to do, you know that double tap men do when cuddling a friend. Very cute.

Should I mention last night’s England game, mmmm thought not. Moving on.


Having worn trousers for so long at work, this week I let my legs breathe, and to my husbands dismay I even soaked them in a little fake tan. He is not a fan of the orange stuff and much prefers to see my milky white legs over a slightly tinged look. Boo hoo I say.

mummy hargreaves at workSnowdon 2


As I climbed Mount Snowdon yesterday with my colleagues, I swapped my suit for more suitable walking attire. So far we have raised over £500 for charity and i’m hoping we can add to the pot once people see that we climbed the 3560ft, 16,135 steps and survived. The beer at the top was needed.

Snowdon Summit Snowdon

It goes without saying that even my fingers are tired tapping away on the keyboard today. We were already looking forward to next week but after yesterday I am now counting down the days until I close my laptop on Tuesday evening to celebrate Lil G’s birthday. 5 whole days with my boys, smothering Lil G in gifts, love and party celebrations.

Children are so enriching, you show them love, and they return it in leaps and bounds. Our beautiful boy, albeit going through the Threenager years, is the King of his Castle, and he will be treated like one for the 5 days of celebrations next week. That’s normal right? (Wondering what the Threenage years are, look back at my post here).


I switched the iPod on to find Norah Jones’ ‘Come Away With Me’ playing. This was the song I walked down the aisle to my then Fiancé on our wedding day. Oh how it took me back. Love.

wedding picture wedding picture1 wedding picture2wedding picture3


Despite it being Father’s day, Mr H was determined not to allow me into the kitchen. He takes on the role of Chef in the Hargreaves house and despite offering he still opted to make his own Father’s Day meal. Cottage Pie with a cheesy potato and leek topping. Yum.

fathers day

Inspired by looking back over our wedding and honeymoon pictures, we opted for a Thai inspired meal one evening. Mr H, as you know is the chef, and chose to knock up chicken escalope’s, drenched in a homemade Thai dressing. Quite therapeutic bashing the chicken with a mallet! It really was delicious and took me right back to our honeymoon. We travelled around Thailand for 21 days, it was heaven, delicious food, so fresh and fragrant.   17 June

And lastly

Apart from recovering from the walk/climb/scramble up Snowdon, Mr H has plans on Saturday so I am going to take advantage of my mummy time with Lil G and go for a walk, a bear hunt and hopefully an ice cream at one of our favourite spots in our home town, Trentham Gardens. I have a girly night in with the girls on Saturday, which won’t disappoint especially as we are in for a huge treat. We will be meeting the latest arrival to the group, baby Polly. And then of course, it’s back to the final party preparations for Lil G’s 3rd birthday. Excited.

6 days


As I link up with Morgana and this lovely linky I shall sip my tea, dunk my biscuit (a hobnob, they are the marines of biscuits you know), eat my buttery piece of toasted bread, nurse my wounds and read on.

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13 thoughts on “Love The Little Things #3

  1. Woo hoo! Well done you for climbing Mount Snowdon and raising all that money for charity too.
    Your wedding photos are beautiful and that honeymoon sounds just perfect.
    Enjoy your week lovely xx


    • Thank you, it was such a tough challenge as we took a difficult route, worth it though, wiped me out which is why I couldn’t make BritMums. See you on Friday! x


  2. Congratulations on the climb hon! Very impressive. Loving the little double pat – soooo cute! Your honeymoon sounds amazing! I’m dying to go to Thailand one day. Have a fab weekend hon X #LittleLoves


    • Thailand was a amazing, so beautiful although there are parts to avoid as too westernised now. Most parts are very tranquil x


  3. Your wedding photos are Gorgeous with a capital G! I love the song choice.. Well done on climbing the mountain! I would love to do something like that! Giovanna’s book are on my book list {birthday coming up so may treat myself to some new books!}



    • Aww thank you, I do love our pictures. Memories for sure. The mountain was tough, very enjoyable and the views were incredible. I hope the books arrive for your birthday #LittleLoves


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