{The Ordinary Moments} #2 ‘Once upon a time’

Or should I say the ordinary moments I miss. A slight twist on the title I know. Stick with me, it will make sense I promise, or as Lil G would say pinky promise *shakes finger*.

Dear George

I love you with all my heart, nothing will ever come close to the joy you bring to my life. You really are the most beautiful boy a mummy and daddy could wish for and a brother to your furry friend Alfie Bear. However life has changed somewhat since you arrived into our world. As your 3rd birthday is fast approaching, in four days actually (Eek), it got me thinking of the ordinary moments I miss … amongst some lovely thoughts of you of course, especially after such a beautiful day at the beach or as you said the best day ever.

Remember, mummy loves you x x

My ordinary moments … Once upon a time

  1. Soaking in the bath (without floating toys or you trying to jump in and make my quiet time quite the opposite)
  2. Eating my food, hot, without someone wanting my plate and not his own … Yes that’s you George Archie and Alfie (our furry baby)
  3. Reading a magazine, about fashion, home or lifestyle (not Spiderman or Buzz or Mickey)
  4. Holding Mr H’s hand, as we both hold yours we don’t hold each others anymore
  5. My pre pregnancy body
  6. Lay ins … Oh how I miss only seeing one 5 and 6 o’clock in a day!
  7. The endless shopping trips just for me, where I can try on clothes without worrying about you being bored and peaking in all the changing rooms, although when you tell me I look like a princess it’s rather sweet
  8. Going to the gym and not feeling guilty that I am missing bedtime or story time
  9. A drink of fizz, with no early start (hangovers combined with a 6am wake up just don’t work)
  10. And finally, going to the toilet without an audience or Lil G opening the door before I’ve finished when in a public toilet

To some of you this list may seem selfish, I really hope not *shudders*. Or maybe it’s just me. It goes without saying that I absolutely love, with all my heart, being a mummy to Lil G. Our little family is my world, I love out adventures, the ups, the downs (that would be the tantrums), the memories. It’s ok that I still miss some of before right?

this is us drawn by @HannahsDoodles

this is us drawn by @HannahsDoodles

Dear Fellow parent bloggers, What have I missed from this list?

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mummy daddy me

KA x


10 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} #2 ‘Once upon a time’

  1. Oh that made me giggle – especially the last one about going to the bathroom without an audience – I’ve given up on that long ago when the girls are around and it’s definitely not something I ever really expected when I was pregnant!!


    • You’re so right, I saved the best till last ey! The toilet situation wasn’t really mentioned by friends … Lots of others things but the toilet!


  2. Haha as much as I adore being a parent I do miss some of these ordinary moments as well. I can’t believe I ever used to complain about my pre-pregnancy body! And I totally miss reading a magazine as well. As much as we all love being Mums, it’s ok to crave a little you time once in a while as well. I always now wonder what on earth we used to do with our time- we used to say we were busy! Haha if only we knew! x


    • I completely agree with you, I always remember feeling that life was so busy, only now I look back and think what did I do with my time! X


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