What’s in a name

As you start to read this post, you may have noticed that I have changed my name. Well, the name of my blog that is. I write this blog as a journal of Our Little Family, how life has changed since Lil G arrived in to our world. It made sense. It came to me as we drove home from THE most fabulous day. A day as a family. Pure and simple.

I am no longer blogging as Mummy Hargreaves but as Life as Our Little Family. Do you like?

I’ve also changed my instagram account, sadly I am not able to change my twitter address although I will continue to look into this.

I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing what Our Little Family has experienced, lived, loved and struggled with that day, week, month or year. I also very much enjoy seeing what my online friends or parent blogger community has also lived, loved and struggled with. I still find it hard to explain to my non blogging friends why I love sharing so much information with you all, or how I squeeze it in to an already busy schedule.

This blogging really has added something to my life, filled a hole which I didn’t realise needed filling. Something that I hope never disappears. I have after all, met so many new friends and joined a very special community of Parent and Lifestyle bloggers of all gender and backgrounds.

So, today and forever I am signing off as ‘Life as Our Little Family’ which will continue to be a blog in words and pictures about my life with Lil G, our dog Alfie and Mr H.


this is us drawn by @HannahsDoodles

this is us drawn by @HannahsDoodles


2 thoughts on “What’s in a name

  1. That’s a beautiful illustration and a lovely reason to name change – I changed my blog name a few years ago and I’m so glad I did, I think blogs need to evolve with the rest of us!


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