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Good morning and happy #ShareWithMe day. For this week’s post I thought I would share with you a post which I have written for the Up All Hours parenting website ‘Just Us’.

Click it, read it, then pop back here and i’ll explain a little bit about this fabulous new site.

Sips tea. Let me tell you about Up All Hours. This website launched in May and as I am sure you can imagine I was honoured to be asked to take on the role of Resident Writer. If you haven’t seen my tweets or posts on here, then feel free to take a look back at one of my earlier posts entitled Up All Hours featuring Jamie Oliver and the very handsome Ben Shepherd *swoons*.

Resident Writer Badge

If you haven’t already bumped into the founder online here she is …



Sam is the reason why I started to blog. She was my inspiration and still is to this day. I came across Sam on twitter (@UpAllHours) one early morning when we were both Up All Hours with our babies and now toddlers. We have so much in common; our love for our boys (little and large), our babies are the same age, both full-time working parents and of course our love for blogging and creating friendships through the power of social media.

Thank you lovely, I am so so glad that we have become friends. You are my ‘must’ reason for visiting the Big Smoke at least twice a year!

KA x

Lets Talk Mommy




21 thoughts on “Just Us

  1. great site and a great post you havr written over there! We are 80% sure we wont have another although we have talked about having another child, the thought of it makes me feel rather uncomfortable, for many reasons. Love the site, good luck with your writer role x


  2. Read the post. Oh bab. Some people are just stupid. I have two and yesterday people were saying when was I going to have three??? My husband would weep. I think sometimes people just do it as a polite conversation thing. Just ignore them. You are perfect the way you and your little family are. They are being fools xxx


    • Thankfully I’m at the stage now where I think it’s none of there business! Thanks for your comment though hon, it does make you wonder if you’re making the right decision when so many comments/questions. I agree that it is a ‘conversation’ type question, I’ve probably done it myself!! x


  3. I think I’ve said before that I love the idea of Up All Hours and am so glad you’re writing there. On another note – I LOVE the new name and illustration. Looking brilliant! x


    • Aww thank you Kiran, means a lot to hear it. I don’t know why I didn’t start with this, I had the drawing made for fathers day last year, it suits my blog much better than previous. Lots of exciting developments for UAH too x


  4. Ah, Kerri-Ann – I have to admit that I can’t empathise with wanting to stop at one child because I always knew I would want two but logically and practically everything you say is true and sounds so, so, sensible and makes me think, blooming biological clock – life could have been so much easier if we’d stopped at one! I love both my boys though 🙂 No one should judge you or make you feel uncomfortable for making that decision though. Maybe they’re just jealous because of the extra freedom you have by stopping at one. X #sharewithme


  5. Aww lovely picture of your happy little family 🙂 SOunds like a great site, off to have a proper look around now xx #sharewithme


  6. Oooh this is lovely idea, sharing blogs. I like the sound of up all hours as well. Am going to check it out now 🙂


  7. Love the new blog name and look. Will pop over. Glad you have a blogging mentor. I think everyone should have one. I do! And couldn’t have done a lot without her support. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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