‘Twas the night before

… Our gorgeous boy turns the grand old age of 3! It is officially Birthday Eve – the night where you will find Mr H and I blowing up balloons, last-minute preparations, perfectly placing Lil G’s gifts ready to open as he wakes (this will be the only morning I am dreaming of a pre 6am get up, well that and Christmas Day of course).


On top of that, packing our bags ready for our little adventure to Alton Towers, Splash Landings and CBeebies Land for 2 days as a surprise for Lil G! And finally, I can put my notes down, I can stop planning, I can tick off the check list and enjoy our 2 days away before returning on Friday and for the last time pick up my check list for his birthday party on Saturday.


Where has the last 12-months gone? It’s hard to believe a year has passed us by so quickly. When I look back at the pictures from our boys 2nd birthday it only seems like yesterday when we were blowing out candles. Doesn’t he look so young, a baby in fact. He really has grown up over the last 12-months, making us so proud, taking the move to Kindergarten in his stride, proving to us just how special he is. Never failing to impress us in how he approaches a situation and more recently how he has returned to eating most foods popped in front of him. Phew *wipes brow* it’s been a long 12 months of fussy eating.

Some pictures from his 2nd Birthday …

2nd birthday 2nd birthday cake 2nd birthday (family) 2nd birthday (2)

We have had so much fun, the last 12-months have been filled with adventure, new experiences, laughter, lots of cuddles, giggles, tears, threenager tantrums and buckets of imaginative play. To our Georgeous (as we call him), we love you …. Wakey Wakey mummy and daddy want to open some presents!


I can’t quite get my head around the fact that in another 6-months time I will be completing school application forms, in preparation for the big move to school in September 2015 (WOW). Talk about wishing our time away. It’s all very exciting though isn’t it. Yes he’s not my baby anymore, he’s my big boy, Mr Independent, surprising us each day with his fabulousness. With his wisdom. With his love.

And finally, as our gorgeous boy is about to embark on a new adventure, as a 3 year old no less, I will return to Mr H who is frantically organising our super busy day tomorrow. Good night.

2years old                     1 year old

2years old                                                                                       1 year old

KA x


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