Love The Little Things #4

As my time is so precious this week, what with squeezing 5 days of work into 2 and Lil G turning 3 yesterday, I thought it would be a nice idea, as well as a quick and simple way to use mainly pictures to describe this weeks #LittleLoves …


To do list birthday checklist



Lil G and Daddy playing football – Lytham St Annes Beach


A toddler with no fear on the bouncy castle

George splashing 22 June

Lil G splashing in the sea after walking two miles to reach it




Lovely shoes

Lovely shoes


The birds tweeting, the sea crashing against the ocean bed, Lil G’s laughter and finally the most beautiful moment happened on Tuesday evening. Lil G read the first three pages of Stick Man. All by himself. It really was the most lovely thing to hear. He looked at me afterwards so proud of himself. My little genius.



We recreated the sandcastle out of Lil G's favourite book 'Stick Man'

We recreated the sandcastle out of Lil G’s favourite book ‘Stick Man’

Taken by the moment #Love #MyFamily

Taken by the moment #Love #MyFamily


Chorizo, potato and mozzarella quesadillas


and lastly

As a surprise for Lil G, we packed our bags and headed to Alton Towers – CBeebies Land and Splash Landings for two days to celebrate his 3rd birthday. This morning you will find me in Splash Landings dodging water buckets and slides. Lil G most definitely takes after his daddy with his thrill seeking, and then this afternoon we will be back to Alton Towers and CBeebies Land before heading home to make the final preparations for his Superhero Birthday Party tomorrow.


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KA x




16 thoughts on “Love The Little Things #4

  1. I love Lytham, it’s so pretty! And love the pics, especially Little G on the bouncy castle. How was CBeebies land? We’re planning a trip there in October.
    Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating G’s special day. Happy Birthday little man xx


    • Morning, CBeebies is very slick, looks good and will definitely entertain, how old are your kiddies? G enjoyed Postman Pat, Mr Tumbles garden and the Fun time shows in the tents however at 3 he was bored by the rest. The good news that as he was just over 0.9 there were big rides he could go on. There was so much to do. Queues were 20 mins on a Thursday & Friday so expect them to be 3x longer on a weekend. X


  2. Fantastic shot of the little one on the bouncy castle! Love it.. I have been loving the sound of the birds in the morning, something I love about the spring/summer.. Great round up of little loves xx


    • Oh wow did you, it’s a lovely town, I love the big red brick houses as you drive in. Alton Towers is a must, as is the water park, I’d recommend staying over however it is expensive. Super fun x


  3. Oh KA what a lovely week! That beach looks *amazing*!! But rather massive! The quesilladas look yummy – you’ve just prompted me to buy some chorizo and do something with it – it adds such lovely flavour and colour to other foods. Happy 3rd Birthday to Lil G too! Looks like he’s been spoilt rotten bless him! This also freaks me out a bit as its my EJ’s second birthday in a month and other than booking a hall I haven’t done anything! Eeek! Have a fab weekend hon 🙂 X


    • It has been a great week, birthday 2 days at Alton Towers just rounded it off nicely, party tomorrow! We’ve hired a village hall so I’ll have ideas for you!! You should think about making a prawn & chorizo or chicken paella, great with chorizo. X


  4. WOW look at all those fantastic photos. I love it. Happy Birthday G!!!! Sand castle looks great as does your lovely yummy meal. I am jealous of all those gorgeous shoes!!! I need some more colorful shoes in my life. lol Fantastic and fun round of #littleloves


    • Hello, thank you off the birthday wishes! Hope baby had a lovely day. I just thought the pictures said more than I could x


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