Love The Little Things #5


Welcome to my 5th #LittleLoves  where I link up with the lovely @butwhymummywhy each Friday and look back at the little things that have made up my week. I want to say thank you to all the lovely bloggers who have liked my posts, commented on my posts since I joined in this beautiful linky.

Firstly … An apology. With Lil G’s birthday celebrations taking over the most part of last week I struggled to read over all of your posts. I love reading them, and offer you a pinky promise that I will do much better this week.


For the first time in what feels like forever I spotted one of my favourite magazines on the shelf in Sainsbury’s as I suspiciously glided past the magazine aisle hoping Lil G would allow me this little indulgence. Red Magazine. I have enjoyed reading it during my train commute in a morning and evening on the 3 days I travel in to Manchester. 2 articles stuck out. The 1st was about a young women by the name of Ella Woodward who due to an illness had to change her diet, it dramatically improved her lifestyle. The 2nd about someone who some of you may know or have listened to at BritMums, Ben Brooks-Dutton. Both stories really touched me, for very different reasons of course.

 Little Loves (5) 6Little Loves (5) 5  Little Loves (5) 2


If only I could upload videos to my blog. Lil G has been playing with the ‘Play Shop & Theatre’ non stop since we were blessed with this fabulous item from the Great Little Trading Co to review. Imagine Lil G shouting ‘show time, show time’ and you’ll be close to witnessing how deliciously cute this moment was.

Show Time

Show Time


Who ever thought a rain mac could provide such a beautiful moment. Our 2nd day at Alton Towers turned a little rainy, but that didn’t stop our fun. Lil G and I hand in hand, discussing which rides he and daddy would be tempted by. Me on the other hand was dreading his need for speed, we certainly didn’t expect our 3-year-old to snub CBeebies for the big rides!

Isn’t it lovely not having to wear a coat, waking up to blue skies, going to bed with the windows open, waking up to the birds tweeting. Although it is looking rather grey out there right now, bring back summer!

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*jumps to work mode* The joy in a candidates voice when I made not one but two offers of employment this week. I could hear the smile spreading across their faces. For those interested you can read more on my day job here mummy Hargreaves at work.


For a lovely Thursday lunch time … (tentative link I know)

Little Loves (5) Little Loves (5) 1

Have you tried this? Wow. If like me you enjoy a glass of prosecco, and maybe even a pimms, then this is a drink you have to try. It is refreshing, colourful and leaves you wanting more. It is, an Aperol Spritz. You can buy the liquor in supermarkets, it comes with instructions on how to mix it, but here they are …

Ice and a slice of orange, 3 parts of Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, 1 splash of soda

And lastly …

Please cross your fingers and toes for nice weather, today is meant to be Lil G’s 1st sports day. We are super excited, as is he, I really do hope the rain doesn’t cross our path. Not only for the children but also because the adults have fizz and picnics to enjoy!

Ooh yes, Lil G has his friend F coming over tonight for his 1st sleepover! A weekend of 1sts in our house. Lil G has stayed over at F’s house, never here though. It’s rather exciting. I may be Up All Hours this evening!

And lastly lastly, I have received two lovely gifts this week, totally unexpected and extremely well received. I really was touched. The first is a gift from a twitter/blogging friend, for just being a friend and the second is from a lady called Ruth. I stopped to help her after having a car accident, for the whole story here it is The Sweetest Thing.


Friendship through blogging, who'd have thought

Friendship through blogging, who’d have thought

My first Flower Card

My first Flower Card

little things


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13 thoughts on “Love The Little Things #5

  1. Love the theatre! And Lil G is very cute in it too! Your gifts are gorgeous and that drink looks fab too – must try it! Have a great week lovely xx


    • The drink is FABULOUS (said like Craig from Strictly Come Dancing!). The theatre really is the best toy. It’s Whizz Bang! Enjoy your holibobs x


  2. That play shop and theatre is soo cute! I love all the Gruffalo characters there too! Might just have to have a quick look at the Great Little Trading Company… Your Aperol Prosecco drink looks pretty darn yummy too 🙂 And I’m longing to take a trip to a theme park but its not so easy with a nearly 2 year old & nearly 5 year old! Great week of little loves! Have a brilliant weekend my love X #LittleLoves


  3. I love the theatre stand from Great Little Trading Company!!! They do some fab bits! I love waking to the birds! Such a lovely sound 🙂 Great little round up this week xx


  4. WOW the theatre looks absolutely amazing. Love the photo too. Definitely a show stopper framer. Love the kindergarden run too. Where did you get your tshirt and necklace love it. I am a huge fan of peach and grey together. Great round of little loves. #littleloves


    • Hello, they are both from Topshop actually honey, the necklace is a few years old. The Theatre is an epic toy at the minute! We have a very happy Lil G! x


  5. Oh wow that Play shop and theatre looks fab! Hours of fun right there!
    That drink sounds so good, perfect for a sunny day.
    Hope the weather was sunny for sports day.
    Enjoy your weekend lovely xx


    • The Play Shop is epic, or as my little boy said a ‘Whizz Bang’ toy! The drink really is delicious, I’m hoping the sun returns today so that I can enjoy it this weekend. Lil G’s sports days is set for 3.30 …. which is when the forecast has set rain! 😦 Fingers crossed x


    • Hello, fingers crossed as it’s at 3.30 when it’s set to rain! Eeek. Aww thank you, my top is from Topshop (ever faithful) and the necklace was also from Topshop but many years ago before the craze for statement jewellery hit the streets! x


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