Pinky Promise

As it’s July (wow where has that gone), the half way point of 2014 no less. I thought it would be the perfect time to look back on the ‘resolutions’ I made. Like most I’m sure; some have been broken, some are still in progress and some will sadly be carried over to next year. Or is that just me?

Slightly revised, not really in the same context, but promises all the same from Lil G and I …


Pinky Promise


Mummy Hargreaves

I pinky promise …

    1. To print and frame more pictures of Our Little Family
    2. To never raise my voice, whether that be to Mr H, Lil G or our doggy Alfie no matter how tired I am
    3. To count to 10 rather than argue with our Toddler, these Threenager years really are tough
    4. To remember that Lil G will eat when he’s hungry, eventually! Dam you fussy eater phase
    5. To remember to kiss you all a good night
    6. To put my phone and laptop down. Step away from the phone. Enjoy the moment
    7. To help Mr H. You see friends … I am not the cook. I am not the cleaner. I don’t wash dishes. That would be Mr H, Mr OCD
    8. To build a time machine
    9. To tickle Lil G more often, it really is the greatest sound
    10. To Blog, Blog and Blog some more … I really do enjoy it
    11. To continue to write lists, watch lists, to do lists, love lists, lists and lists (I love lists)
    12. To scrap the lists occasionally, to act spontaneously, it really is so much fun
    13. To love my family and friends with all my heart
    14. To drink more, apparently I’m more fun! (Mr H added this one)


So, I sat with Lil G before bed time on Tuesday night and we talked about what his pinky promises were, and this is what he told me …

I pinky promise …

  1. To do my wee wee’s and poo poo’s on the big boy toilet. Not in my pants
  2. To eat up all my meals, to grow big strong muscles
  3. To stop shouting at mummy and daddy, especially in M&S (mummy added the last part)
  4. To stay little forever and ever (mummy added this one)
  5. To sleepover at Freddy’s house (from Lil G)
  6. To let mummy read me a bedtime story. Why is it always daddy? (mummy added this one)
  7. To put my toys away when mummy asks me to (from Lil G)
  8. To play ‘show time’ (from Lil G)
  9. To practice my kicking (from Lil G)
  10. To cuddle mummy (my favourite and all Lil G’s own words!)


There you have it. Our pinky promises and what a list. I said I loved lists.

I will report back later in the year to update you on our successes failures.

KA x

ps I have linked this post up to the fabulous @HonestMummy ‘s weekly #BrilliantBlogs linky – do take a look at all the other bloggers who have also linked up …



10 thoughts on “Pinky Promise

  1. What a lovely list and such a great idea to talk about with your little one. I cannot WAIT for Buddy to be old enough to have these magical moments. At the moment I just promise him to be the best mummy I can be and to try to make every day a best day for him. Sometimes I manage and often I fail! Visiting you from the brilliant blog posts


  2. Your posts always make me feel warm and squidgy. The relationship you have with G shines through in everything. So much love. It’s a joy to read.

    This bit got me especially, “To stay little forever and ever (mummy added this one)”. oh yes.



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