Love The Little Things #6

Has another week really passed? This week has been particularly tough, both as a mummy and a working parent. It has been long. It’s not over yet. I have loved it. I am tired. I wouldn’t change it. I am looking forward to 3.30pm when I clock off for the weekend. Let’s do this, well here are my #LittleLoves linking up with @butwhymummywhy …


The Vintage Teacup Club thanks to a recommendation from the lovely Emma over @LittleWoodLife in one of her #LittleLoves. After only 2 days, I already know that it is my kind of book. Easy reading. And it is certainly helping me to switch off of an evening on the train home.


I have also been reading several blogs these last two weeks, I’m trying to expand my reading but also spread the word about ‘Life As Our Little Family’ … During my travels I was drawn to two blogs more than once. That would be Sian @pottymouthedmum and her ‘The newbie class’ posts and secondly Vicki @HonestMummy. Both ladies have been sharing their wisdom recently which I personally have found to be very helpful *Thank you*.



A lot of football. I have Germany in the office sweepstake, you can therefore imagine my delight as I watched the team take Brazil 7-1 on Tuesday night! Fingers crossed for Sunday!

A new series ‘Honourable Woman’ with the beautiful Maggie Gyllenhaal. Wow. Based on the first episode I would recommend it. Did you watch it?



Skirt: Topshop Bag: SpoiledFox Vintage

Skirt: Topshop Bag: SpoiledFox Vintage

Blazer: Next and Shirt: Gap

Blazer: Next and Shirt: Gap



A lot of laughter (Lil G). Giggles (Lil G). A tantrum infused threenager (Lil G). Cries Screams (Lil G). Happy people, that would be the sun! And sadness, it is exactly 2-months since our close friend, passed away at the age of 34 to the evil that is cancer. Carpe diem friends. You really do not know when your time is up.


Hubby has been on kitchen duty this week so sadly I haven’t been able to snap any pictures for you before he has so kindly delivered my food to the table. However, yesterday I visited the street food stalls in Manchester and found this …



Are you hungry? They were OMG. Turkish Wraps, different flavours, all chicken! Delicious. I do love working in the City.

And lasty …

I am in the throws of putting together my latest post over on the Up All Hours parenting website on competitive spirit in a toddler. Sadly Lil G’s Sports Day never did happen last week, the rain washed away my hopes of watching his first race however the sun is meant to shine it’s heart out today which has made me smile. A lot. I would be delighted if you would pop over and have a read of it, it should be live by Monday.

I have 3 exciting reviews coming to my blog in the coming weeks, all centred around Lil G of course. #KidsInTheKitchen with @BettaLiving, baking with @SweetPeaPantry and Lil G’s radio flyer trailer from @GLTCo.

We’ve also just been approached by the Guardian to take part in an exciting ‘National Trust’ project so watch this space.

Some of you may have noticed that I have not only changed the name of my blog in recent weeks but the design too. I feel much happier and certainly seemed to have been in Blog Love this week.

Blog Love

Much love and here’s to you all *cheers* x x


26 thoughts on “Love The Little Things #6

  1. I loved the Vintage Tea Cup, finished it in a couple of days on our holidays.
    How cute does Lil G look in his blazer, adorable.
    Big Potty Mouthed Mummy fan here too.
    Great little loves this week KA xxx


    • Morning, it’s my commuting to the office book so a 3 day book so it may take me more than a couple of days! I wish I had time to read a book on the other 4 days but this little old blog kinda takes over! Have a good week x


    • Aww thank you, I will be grateful when tonight is over although I do have Germany in the office sweepstake!! Fingers crossed for a little win


    • Ooh yes, it’s a little dark in places, you only have 2 episodes to catch up on, cup of tea & you’re sorted x


  2. The street food looks great…it’s made me hungry. Will be adding the book to my TBR list given all the positive recommendations. Have a good weekend x


  3. I love the food market in manchester. Looks lovely. Love the skirt and your little one looks so trendy and adorable. Everyone keeps talking about this book, I really must jump on the bandwagon and read it myself. Lovely #littleloves round!


  4. I have noticed the change in your blog! Glad you’re enjoying it. How cool to have the GLTC as a brand partner! I looked them up after seeing the play theatre on here last week and was a bit shocked at the price (not sure why I’m sure its very well crafted, etc.) then thought I might make one out of a cardboard box instead!! The radio flyer looks so awesome too – my boys would love it – pity I just haven’t had the time to get my head round treating blogging as an opportunity to get our hands on this kind of lovely stuff 🙂 National Trust project sounds intriguing too! That street food stall looks so yummy! This kind of thing makes me wish I worked in a city and not a town! Have a lovely weekend X


    • Hello, lovely to see you again, yes GLTC are a really super brand, in fairness we have spent an absolute fortune with them since Lil G was born so to be offered the chance to review things was a welcome treat. The theatre really is fabulous. They always have sales too so it’s rare to pay full price hon. I didn’t et the blog up to gain freebies, it’s just happened very recently through people I know. All very nice though. I’m a huge lover of street food, it really does taste much better. Happy weekend x


  5. Another book to add to my list! I really enjoyed Billy and Me {On my last few pages!!} I love your skirt, gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend! xx


    • So glad you have enjoyed Billy and Me. It’s my favourite skirt at the minute, love the colours. Have a lovely weekend x #LittleLoves


    • I love all the long flowy skirts about this time of year. I may have an addiction! Have a lovely weekend my dear x


  6. Oh i love everything this week! I just finished ‘The Vintage Tea Cup Club’ yesterday – such a sweet story! Have moved on to ‘Summer at the Lake’ now – by a different author but the same style, you’d maybe like it too! Sian at Potty Mouthed Mummy is one of my absolute faves as well – love her!We are watching The Honourable Woman too – loved it! Lil’ G is so sweet in his blazer and shirt-just adorable!
    Have a lovely weekend sweetpea xx


    • Thank you for mentioning the book, its super. I will note down your other too. I love finding new blogs so hopefully there will be some recommendations today. I hope you are enjoying your days with your littles. Wish me and G luck for sports day, I really hope there is a mummy race x x


  7. Great post! The book looks like something I would like too and oh my goodness your son’s hair is adorable! He looks great in his shirt and blazer 🙂 xx


    • Aww thanks Emma, we were fundraising that day so he had to look smart to bring in all the pennies, we raised £155 for our local hospital! #LittleLoves


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