The little cheaters ….

I’m talking about you mummy’s. You know who you are, the rules clearly stated a ‘walking race with a bean bag balanced on your head’ … No hands, no running, a balancing act. Well that was not the case for many a mummy who clearly knew that by the end of the first leg they would not be crowned Winner of the Mummy Race without cheating. Fuming I am, fuming. Or was it because Daddy Hargreaves or Mr H as you know him won the Daddy race, and therefore you set out to take me down. Oooh I oughta a …


I guess you can tell that I am a little competitive. Hell, I often compete with myself on a daily basis. It’s in my blood. It was clear from the start that my friend & I were doing well, neck and neck, walking NOT running. Bean bag balanced perfectly. No hands in sight. I think the other mummy’s knew they were in for trouble.



So, as we made our turn, bean bags untouched, I could see other mummy’s holding on to their bean bags (CHEAT) and the pace quickened, but how? It was meant to be a fast walking race, NOT a running race. Hell, don’t you know how to follow the rule book? I’m all for bending the rules every now and again but this was CHEATING!

CHEAT CHEAT CHEATING (chuckling behind my keyboard as clearly I am coming across as an insane mummy and human being right now).

My friend and I (next to me on the above picture) were clearly devastated, both equally competitive, may have shouted cheaters more than once. Eek

I am sure you have worked it out, yesterday was a Date for the Diary … it was Lil G’s 1st Sports Day. What a fabulous day it was. Pimms & Fizz for the mummy’s, family picnics for after the big event, manly chat for the Daddy’s, and all this before our gorgeous littles came out in their team colours to take centre stage for many a race.

Lil G making his entrance - Team Blue

Lil G making his entrance – Team Blue













There was the running race, pram race, welly wanging, discus, hurdles, obstacle course, fancy dress, dribbling race (with football not saliva) and lastly the relay race.

As it was Lil G’s 1st Sports Day he took part in 3; the running race, the pram race and the relay. He lost his first two races, but wait there was still one race to go. the Blue Team Relay Race. His team were behind, and then the batton was passed to Lil G, he ran, he sprinted, he was victorious. He saved the day. Go George.



So proud of our gorgeous boy. He took the losing very well, he never stopped smiling, he enjoyed the winning and really loved the fact that his Daddy won the race and took great pleasure in comparing medals.



I will win my mummy race next year, I won’t cheat but I may bend the rules. That’s ok right? After all, we are setting examples to our littles aren’t we? We want them to be competitive, but they have to win their race by not cheating. They can lose their race, as long as they have tried their hardest and enjoyed it. Would you agree? Or am I clearly going insane and just too competitive?

KA x


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20 thoughts on “Cheaters

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post – made me smile!
    There is nothing wrong with being competitive, but you have done so well for your Lil G to be ok with not winning – so many kiddies his age are used to winning all the time.


  2. Great post, sounds like a good day lol! I don’t compete in sports day, i would get annoyed and fed up if i didn’t win ha ha!


  3. I can feel your outrage and i would have been shouting ‘cheaters!’ too!! Naughty mummies, not a very good example to be setting ;). Sounds like a lovely day though and well done to Mr H and Little G for winning their races 🙂 xx #mummymonday


  4. No it is absolutely fine to convert fast walking race into a running race 😀 And this is not cheating.. you can call it a smart work! You have to be honest; Wasn’t that mummy race more exciting than anything else?


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