Confession Time [Bad Mums Club]

My confession is:

‘His poor feet. I hadn’t noticed they had grown. Was he in pain? I’m a bad mum’

Worse still she told me so, albeit in jest which at the time I chuckled at, but typically our Threenager toddler picked up on it and has been telling everyone in sight since. Kindergarten. Nanny. Daddy. Eek. I’m a bad mum.

As we wandered past our local Mothercare store on Sunday, the ‘Clark’s shoes’ sign stood out at me. As there was no queue *wipes brow* I thought I’d pop in for a sizing of Lil G’s feet. Thankfully the girl who served us last time we visited when Lil G was a size 6.5 F was there. She was a very helpful assistant, nice and really great with Lil G that we took 2 pairs! Dam you sweet girl. She recognised us and made her way over, we didn’t even need a ticket. Now there’s a first! You know how painful the queues are, watching each parent allow the assistant to bring out 10 pairs of shoes, knowing that they would only buy one if any!

The look on the girls face when she saw what size he was wearing and what size he was now. Ooh you need to get him home and out of these shoes, you don’t want to damage his feet she said to me. It’s so important at this age she went on to say … By this point I had switched off and was packing up and making my way out of there. Eek. He was wearing a 7 F, measuring at a 7.5 F. Was it really that bad? I’m a bad mum.

I made my exit. Feeling terrible. Guilt running through my veins. Hubby gave me the look of ‘it’s your thing’ also chuckling! Clearly I should have noticed. Did I miss the warning signs? I must have done. I wasn’t chuckling. I’m a bad mum.

Looking back, I do remember having a battle getting his shoes on his feet last week. I just loosened off the laces and on they popped. He didn’t tell me they were hurting or tight. That’s a poor excuse. He’s a toddler. I’m a bad mum.

Nanny arrived yesterday to take Lil G for her weekly gorgeous George fix.  she was of course greeted with an excited little boy telling her all about his new, shoes. Like mummy & daddy he also has a shoe obsession. Look new shoes, they’re orange.

As Nanny drove me to the station she commented that he had mentioned his shoes were hurting him last week. Like me she thought maybe loosening the lacy’s was the answer. The signs were there, we missed them. I’m a bad mum.

It wasn’t like I had to worry about buying new shoes, we had them already, pre bought some months ago. I’m a safety girl. *note not at all like Julia Roberts*

Out with the old, in with the new.

Badmums post Badmums post1

Am I a bad mum?


This post is part of the Bad Mums’ Club – a series of posts by different bloggers on our ‘failings’ as mums. Of course, we know we’re not really bad parents, but sometimes it’s good for the soul to confess a little and share the not-so-perfect side of parenting. If you’re a blogger and have a post like this, link it up by clicking the link below. If you’re not a blogger, you can access all of this month’s Bad Mums’ Club posts below and have a nice little read.


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6 thoughts on “Confession Time [Bad Mums Club]

  1. LOVE those shoes and you mustn’t feel guilty-those little trotters grow so quickly, it’s so easy to miss, we’re not great on updating shoes but I did go get them summery shoes and sandals last week. They wanted everything and nearly gave me a breakdown but it’s down now. Phew. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


  2. Firstly, those are AWESOME shoes you bought him. Secondly, don’t worry too much. My daughter still has shoes we bought back in January. I’m rubbish at that ‘feely toes’ thing that all other mums (incl mine) seem to be able to do… I do it and think ‘I have no idea how much room is there and how much there should be!’ So I’m a shoe failure too 😉


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