The confessions of a commuter [Part 1]

Have I mentioned that I commute to work? I’m sure I have. I Tweet it. I Instagram it. I Pin it. Google+ it. Hell I shout about it. Well some days. On the whole I enjoy my commute, I get the chance to read a book on my kindle, catch up on some admin, some calls and of course social media. My emotions often become heightened depending upon the people around me, delays, and of course the number of cups of tea I have managed to guzzle before I leave the house!


I commute to Manchester 3 days a week. It’s not the longest commute, but still it comes with its challenges. I’m very lucky to work for a business that recognises flexible working. To read more on my Work Life Blend press here.

So, you’ve seen my Instagram pictures, you’ve read my tweets, now read the story behind the pictures in my commuter diaries. Here is my diary for this week…

The morning rush

Routine is the key. Military precision timing. Rushing out of the house with a toddler in tow, ready for the nursery drop off. For the most part it goes well. Until I hear the words ‘mummy I need a poo’ … It goes without saying that this always happens when we are seconds from walking out of the house. The train won’t wait. My tea is getting cold. The phone call I had scheduled for 8am, well, it’s not happening.

Now to get to the train station. There is always ‘that driver’, you know the one, ahead of schedule, who isn’t rushing for a train. Then there is the driver who parks in the yellow box at the point I need to turn into the train station car park. Like me, I’m sure they drive this same route each day. Why park there? Lazy. Ignorant. Rude. Why is it that when I shake my head, point to the ‘car park’ sign that you, yes you the driver has so kindly parked across the entrance looks at me as if I am the crazy one. The car behind you reverses, you stay put, looking forward, not making eye contact. Roar


2 minutes before the train is due to choo choo into the station, there is an announcement ‘to all those passengers awaiting the next train on platform 2, we are sorry to advise you of a delay of 12 minutes’. Really. You didn’t know this before? Bearing in mind that the previous stop is 25 minutes before mine means that you were aware of said delay. Communication is key. The guys on the @virgintrains twitter line know me well, they know me by name! Oops.

Quiet Zone

So, after the poo poo episode, the car blocking my entrance and the train delay I really was looking forward to reading my kindle, in the quiet zone, at my pre booked seat. No such joy.

So, there is a passenger in my pre booked seat ‘reserved from Stoke on Trent’. They have set up camp, laptop, paperwork, bag strewn over 2 seats. I need only 1 seat, my seat, my bum isn’t that big, I do not need two seats. MOVE it. I ask for my seat. She wasn’t impressed. The response ‘there are other seats’. I’d like my seat. You are in my seat. I booked my seat because I would like to use the charger port. No such joy. She wasn’t moving. How rude.

So, that was my little commuter diary for this week. Tune in next week for more ramblings.


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15 thoughts on “The confessions of a commuter [Part 1]

  1. Oh heck, I am about to start a commute from Nottingham to Leicester via the train come September and I fear having this same issue with people taking my seat and not being able to sit down or almost crying because the person in my seat won’t move! Thankfully it’s only 25 minutes on the train but it could be the longest of my life, better look next week 🙂 #WotW


    • For the most part it’s ok honey, this week it was bad, less people on the train too so she didn’t need to sit in my seat. I would book your seat hon, I always go in the quiet zone and get yourself to the platform a little early, some people are just rude and for some reason think they should not follow the rules! x


    • I have done before and to be honest it can get heated, all over a bloody seat, seriously if you want to guarantee a certain seat you need to book, simples, if it says reserved I never sit in it, or if I do, I certainly move without objection


  2. Oh dear, and how rude of that lady! I have to say, the thing I miss least about by old work would be the commute. You’ve brought it all back! And you just don’t want or need that stress before you’ve even arrived at work, do you?! Here’s hoping next week will be easier x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


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