Love the little things #7

Welcome to my weekly #LittleLoves post. A roundup of the little things I have loved this week. This post is part of the #LittleLoves linky over on ButWhyMummyWhy. If you fancy seeing what other bloggers have to say or joining in then why not pop on over. We are a very friendly bunch and there is always tea and cake aplenty!


I’m still reading this one …


I had hoped to get through it much quicker however this has been a particular busy week for me in the day job and then catching up on reading and writing at night has meant for a very tired me.

On the blogging front, I have enjoyed reading Sian’s Newbie Class posts which again have left me tinkering with my blog *thank you* and our hosts Bad Mums Club post which is very close to my heart. Why do people always ask? So when are you having another?!


Ray Donovan. YES … it’s back. We loved the first series and loved it. It came back on to our screens this week and OMG. I have a little crush. It’s ok, the hubby knows. As well as him looking rather good, it’s his character I love. Highly recommend.

ray donovan


The sun has shone therefore I have been able to continue with my obsession for floral print and floaty skirts …


And then the weather turned, I was a little perplexed as to what to wear for the Kindergarten run this morning, it was still so warm yet the heavens could have opened at any point. I felt like I could have been going to a festival. Couldn’t help but stick with the floral theme. Today is a work from home day, comfort is key …

KG ryn 18 July

New shoes for Lil G … I have been a Bad Mum, I missed the signs. If you haven’t seen my ‘Bad Mums Club’ post then maybe this won’t make too much sense to you …

Badmums post1


The cheers as our gorgeous George won one of his races at his Sports Day and of course Daddy too, who stormed the Daddy race. Sadly I lost my race to cheating mummy’s … I am a sore loser! I may have written a post on it! Oops.



Red velvet cupcakes. There was a birthday in the office this week which meant I was on baking duty. Of course they were eaten with a cup of tea …




and lastly …

A very exciting weekend for us. Not only is it date night for Mr H and I tomorrow night, this weekend we are being interviewed and photographed by the Guardian for the #50things project in association with the National Trust.

It really is a super initiative. What could be better than getting children closer to nature? I’m sure all of you and your littles under the age of 11 could make use of this list over the next 6 weeks and this will be the co branded microsite where all the content will live – I really am super excited.

We have been given a pass for the day to the NT site Tatton Park and instructions on 5 activities to take part in; Build a den, Hunt for bugs, Play Pooh sticks, Mud pies and Plant, grow, eat. A photographer is arriving at our house at 10am tomorrow and then we will be getting closer to nature! Wow. 

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you online over the next few days.


KA x



11 thoughts on “Love the little things #7

  1. Love the skirt, so pretty! Hope you had a fab day on Saturday despite the rain! The 50ThingsToDo looks great, I’m going to print one out even though O is a little bit young to do everything on the list! x


    • You should, it was such fun, very wet and miserable at times but on the whole he really enjoyed it. We have already done 19 on the list so actually it seems much easier than I thought. Look out for us online on the Guardian x


  2. Those cupcakes are beautifully decorated. How did you do it? I havn’t ever got round to baking red velvet cupcakes but I really should. I also love wearing florals in the summer but don’t actually have that many. You may have inspired a shopping trip! Hugs Mrs H xxxx PS Did you have a wonderful time being photographed for the Guardian? Sounds like a lot of fun!


    • It’s a huge nozzle for the piping, also a course I took on cake decorating. the sprinkles on the top are a broken up cupcake so crumbs basically just to add a bit of texture. It’s a great time to shop now, all the sales are on! Saturday was a lot of fun, the shoot was tougher than I expected, a very long 6 hours, 4 of them spent in the rain, I do hope the results are good though.


  3. Oh I should have made it record Ray Donovan while I am away. We love that show. A bit out there but entertaining. lol Love the new shoes and the outfit. Looks great. What a lovely #littleloves round.


  4. Wow – great job with the NT thing – sounds like you’re going to be famous! Loving Lil G’s new shoes – fab! And if its any consolation I think I maybe took my kids to Clarks for fittings once in a year (very bad mummy!!!). Oh the guilt and shame.. Have a fab weekend hon! X #LittleLoves


    • Well fingers crossed Lil G plays ball with the photographer. I’m not sure about the famous part. There are 5 families from across the UK. Hopefully we do a good job on the shoot. Excited and nervous at the same time. Oh yes the guilt … us parents are riddled with it aren’t we.


  5. Ray Donovan! Totally forgot that started up again this week, need to get it on catch up.
    How exciting that you’re being interviewed by the Guardian, you’ll have to let us know when it’s published. The 50 things is a great initiative, I really must get on to it with my girls. Enjoy the weekend! xx


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