Days 1 – 7 of Project 365

I’ve found it. A linky designed just for me ‘the 365 Project: A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year’. It’s perfect. Here are my first 7 days in pictures …


PicMonkey Collage (day 1-3)

PicMonkey Collage (day 4-7)


Day 1 – Chasing shadows at our local field on a beautiful sunny day. It was quite funny actually watching Lil G trying to jump and miss, confused he was

Day 2 – Catching bubbles on a sunny evening

Day 3 – New shoes day. Lil G shares his shoe obsession with mummy & daddy

Day 4 – Exploring in a local garden, catching raindrops

Day 5 – Make believe and imaginative play. I really do love to hear Lil G having conversations with his friends on the telephone, or in this case a remote

Day 6 – Another round of imaginative play. I’m not sure about the manners of this shopkeeper, are you?

Day 7 – Playing pooh-sticks at Tatton Park. Reinacting the scene from a favourite book ‘Stick Man’. He really did have fun. Beautiful moments

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


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