{The Ordinary Moments} Julia Donaldson…We Love You

Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel… That Julia Donaldson is the best.

That would be Our Little Family. Julia Donaldson…We Love You.

Nothing makes Lil G happier than a new book to read. It’s the simple things. No fancy toys required. Just a new book.

I am so so pleased that reading has become one of The Ordinary Moments for Lil G. As a child I loved to read. It is a bedtime ritual for him. Two stories, mostly read by Mr H, it’s their thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading to him but sadly as Mr H is generally the one putting Lil G to bed, I only ever get this pleasure once or twice a week.

The day arrived. The release of The Scarecrows’ wedding from the superstar team that is Donaldson & Scheffler. We are obsessed with this collection of stories. Don’t get me wrong, we love others too but there is something about the way Donaldson writes and Scheffler’s illustrations.


The Ordinary Moments (21.7 a)


Even after only 2 days  Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay are the new favourite characters, this is the story of the moment. We have read it 3-times today. We returned home from Kindergarten, it was the first thing he saw, he crawled on to my knee, snuggled in and said lets read mummy. The cutest of Ordinary Moments. A moment where we can escape. Him and me. Just Us. Me and my boy.


The Ordinary Moments (21.7)


I would liken it to The Stick Man. And if you haven’t read The Stick Man … What are you doing? Denying your child and yourself of such pleasure. It is a lovely Christmas story actually, so maybe save it for the stocking.

The Scarecrows’ Wedding, is a beautiful story too, it’s sad, happy, funny, a couple of serious moments too.

I am linking this post up to The Ordinary Moments over on the Mummy Daddy And Me blog … Pop over and join in.


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12 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} Julia Donaldson…We Love You

    • She was on a morning programme last week actually, she read a little bit from the book and George recognised it straight away! Was so cute. The illustrator was on two, very strange duo I have to say. She said it takes her 2 years to come up with a story! She also said that The Highway Rat is her favourite story, we love this one too, do you have it? I would highly recommend it


  1. Oooh we haven’t tried this one, I may have to buy it, as we are HUGE Julia Donaldson fans in this house. We have them all, our current favourite is The Paperdolls but our all time favourite has to be The Gruffalo or Room on the Broom. We love them all though. xx


  2. Another lovely post, Kerri-Ann, and one I can very much relate to. Though we don’t have many (English-language books cost a fortune in Italy so we rely on presents) we love JD books too. Like G, my little boy loves reading and will often come and sit on my lap with a book after a long day at nursery. I look forward to adding some more treasures to our collection when we visit the UK next week, and I’ll look out for this! x


  3. For me it’s What The Ladybird Heard, it rhymes, there’s animal noises and my son loves it. You are right, it’s a fantastic collection.


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