Love The Little Things #8

Nibbling away on my magnum ice cream (guilty pleasure), I took the opportunity of a quiet moment last night while Lil G was settling off to sleep and Mr H was at football training to take a look back over the week. I won’t lie to you, I did have to fight my way through a HUGE tired cloud to find my #littleloves, here they are…


This week I thought I would share with you two books we have added to Lil G’s collection… The Scarecrows’ Wedding and The Rhyming Rabbit. Two really lovely stories, both very different however they have made it to the ‘favourites’ list rather quickly.


Little Loves #8 1


Little Loves #8



24 (whooaaa to Jack Bauer) and the devilishly handsome Ray Donovan. 24 has been a huge favourite of my hubby’s. He introduced me to it some 9-years ago.



Clean Bandit – Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne) … This week I have been battling with being a full time working mummy (you may have picked up on this). This song reminded me that there is ‘no place I’d rather be’ … ‘as long as we are together’



I remain in love with my vintage skirts, with another one from Spoiled Fox and then you can’t beat a bit of nautical stripes for the Kindergarten run this AM…

Little Loves #8 4


Little Loves #8 3



No words, just pictures…

Little Loves #8 2


Little Loves #8 9    

We will be starting our weekend this evening with another BBQ and if I’m lucky some fizz too.


And lastly

We really enjoyed the #50Things project with the Guardian and National Trust. The rain only poured for the first 5 hours of the shoot! Eek. We managed to get 2 hours of sun and then a scrummy afternoon tea as a reward. More for Lil G really as he did us proud.


Little Loves #8 7


Little Loves #8 8


After a difficult week of 5am starts with Lil G, 5 long working days. I will be listening to my mother in law, who said to me last night…

Get out there, enjoy yourself, spend time with your family, feel good about yourself, bask in the sunshine.

Enjoy your weekend ladies x x




9 thoughts on “Love The Little Things #8

  1. Oh my, so much good stuff in this I don’t know where to start.
    I adore vintage so will defo be checking our Spoiled Fox, do you have a link, or are they just a physical shop?
    The food you’ve shared looks yum, I’ve found it so hard to get creative with food in this heat, I just can’t be bothered to cook. Need to sort that out!
    So pleased you pushed through the tiredness to share xx


    • Hi hon, here is the link to the Spoiled Fox FB page, – she also has an Etsy page and a shop in Coventry I think it is. I’m very lucky in that she’s my neighbour and friend so I can see the displays from my bedroom window, dangerous, very dangerous. It is difficult in the heat, and to be honest we tend to be creative maybe 2 or 3 times, the rest is pre planned food which works on my commuting days. Hope you’ve had a good weekend x


  2. Sounds like this week has been a tough one, so hope next weeks is a whole lot better. Lovely skirts and I’m glad you’ve mentioned the scarecrows wedding. I’ve seen it advertised a few times and been tempted to buy it for O, so you may have persuaded me 😉 xx


  3. Hope you get some rest this weekend, you sound like you need it! Of course along with plenty of fizz! It’s only 10:30am, and I want to make that Chicken & Chorizo risotto, it looks amazing! Have a lovely weekend xxx


  4. Mmmmm Lamb Kebabs! Yummy! I love the Ryming Rabbit and I am yet to purchase The Scarecrows Wedding, although they are showing it on Nick Jnr I think over the summer! Great #littleloves this week xx


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