The Difference A Day Makes

I won’t lie to you. Yesterday I was at breaking point. This morning I was broken. I may have wept.

Tired from a week of Lil G waking at 5am. Tired from a long week at work. Tired from feeling guilty.

I could feel myself falling into a deep dark place, so I did something about it.

I signed up to Caveman Training. Or should I say Cavewoman Training. Sweating it out, smashing a ball to the ground. Pushing out those demons. I couldn’t resist after reading on the Cave website that…

The caveman classes are modified “strong man” workouts which push you mentally and physically leaving you feeling empowered and strong

That ought to do it. Some endorphins’ to brighten my mood. It hurt. It felt good. It’s hurting A LOT more right now. It didn’t work.

So, when exercise is not working, what is left? You got it. That would be… Fizz. It’s Friday night after all.

And then came Saturday morning, another early start, waking with a headache for the 5th day, and not because of the fizz! A toddler, who by 8am wanted to be in the garden, with every toy, to him he was in heaven, me I was in hell.

And then it hit me. I needed to immerse myself in family, in time with Lil G, just me and him. Oh and Mr H.

I did just that and hey presto, like magic balance was restored.

Oh Happy Day


And here is our day in pictures…

KA 1

KA 2

KA 5

KA 6

KA 7

KA 4

KA 8

KA 3

All the things that make me smile in just one day. Sun, family, adventures, ice cream and flowers







4 thoughts on “The Difference A Day Makes

    • Oh yes I agree, to be honest we really dislike staying in and George struggles indoors too, so I will always venture out, just this past week it’s been difficult to think about anything other than sleep! I hope to sleep well tonight, but then there are some posts I need to write too! Eek


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