Project 365 #2 – Days 8 – 14

day 9,10,11

Day 8

day 12,13,14


Day 8 – Holding hands – it’s his new thing, to hold hands, I always heard friends saying their little ones eventually stopped this and it was a fight to hold hands. I’m so grateful of my Lil G, he has always been so loving, more recently this seems to have taken a step up. The holding hands, love, kisses and cuddles. So thankful.

Day 9 – Fearless – Taking the opportunity to cool down on a hot summers day, Lil G took the lets put the slide into the paddling pool to a whole new level.

Day 10 – The boy can dive – We have been swimming with Water Babies since Lil G was 4 or 5 months old. We wanted him to feel safe in the water but also we had been told that due to his premature birth this would be a way of building his strength. Out of all the classes we took part in during the first 12 months, it is this one that we have continued with. It’s so great to see that by the age of 3 years he can dive.

Day 11 – The Explorer – We recently took part in the #50things project with the National Trust and what has come out of it is Lil G The Explorer. Which we are really happy about. So far we have ticked off 20 things on the list. Lil G is certainly getting closer to nature. It is a really fantastic project, take a look…

Day 12 – Keeping Cool – Another hot day, another beautiful sunny day, so we took the opportunity to return to one of our favourite outdoor paddling pools. Splish Splash.

Day 13- Bird Watcher – Gazing out across the lake, pretending to look through his binoculars at the duckies as he calls them swimming on the lake. We had actually just escaped from some crazy ass swans and geese. Oh how they scared us. We never did get chance to feed those duckies.

Day 14 – Raindrops – Despite the beautiful sunny days, they were interrupted by the odd freak shower, on this day it was a thunderstorm. Lil G was mesmerised by the raindrops on this beautiful flower. I believe it’s a Fuschia Plant.


And that is my 2nd round of a photo a day for 365 days roundup … Like the idea of this linky, then join in with @TheBoyandMe and the Project 365




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