{the ordinary moments} Sing Along

This week, my Ordinary Moment is dedicated to an old favourite of mine. Something which seems to have vanished since Lil G started nursery. It is most definitely something which makes me smile and most definitely did this week. It is an old fashioned sing along. Specifically a sing along to a Nursery Rhyme. Who doesn’t love to sing, dance and act out the words. This used to be an Ordinary Moment for me, we did this each day in those first 12 months.

I attended lots of lovely classes and playgroups, each one ending with a sing along, where we could make a choice of song. Picking up new ones along the way. Apart from the cup of tea you were made, it has to be one of my favourite moments of each of these classes.

This last week, Lil G has burst into song several times, showing us the actions and generally really enjoying himself which has just been so lovely to hear and watch.

I was lucky enough to pick Lil G up from Kindergarten last week just in time for sing along time. Each child gets to choose a song and lead the way. Lil G chose Incy Wincy Spider. He didn’t know I was watching which was all the more fun for me. What was beautiful about this moment was that unlike when I used to take Lil G to classes and do the actions for him, he was now singing along, following the actions and really enjoying himself. Watching him like this has made me want to bring back our Sing Along time.

This is the song we have heard daily, and I’m not tired of it just yet. It’s just too cute. He sang it for Nanny and his Uncle Steven yesterday. Who were both amazed. He sang it to an actual spider in his web as we were bug hunting yesterday too. Today, he sang it for us as we went on our picnic and again when we went on our bear hunt. Apparently the spider was in my hair…

Apparently the spider was in my hair!

Apparently the spider was in my hair!


A beautiful Ordinary Moment. A moment I don’t want to forget.

Our favourites are the The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Five Little Ducks, When All The Birds Are Sleeping and Incy Wincy Spider. What are your favourite Nursery Rhymes?

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4 thoughts on “{the ordinary moments} Sing Along

  1. Oh I love that he sang it to a spider. That’s the sweetest thing. I love listening to Milin sing too, and loved it when I realised he was singing independently and not just at classes we went to. He often sings in his cot when he wakes up or is going to sleep and I love listening in on the monitor. Dingle Dangle scarecrow is one of his favourites too. Jasmin loves Twinkle Twinkle at the moment. I have the cutest video or her ‘singing’ along while my sister sang it to her on her birthday. Heart-melting moment! Lovely post KA, thanks for making me stop and think about such lovely moments x


    • Oh I’m glad you liked it, it’s such a sweet moment listening to them sing. I’m really going to push myself to sing nursery rhymes with him again. I’ve used nursery as a scapegoat. Naughty. George used to talk to his toys in a morning and at night, now he just demands we get up! Just about to read your post now hon #bloglove x


  2. Aw what a beautiful photo of the two of you- you both look so happy. There is nothing better than picking them up from nursery and seeing them before they see you, I was watching Mads play hide and seek the other day. I love it. And it’s so cute to hear them sing isn’t it? 🙂 x


    • Oh it really is, I do love the odd sneaky peek at what he does when I am not around. And then you get the ‘mummy’ shout, run and hug. Special. I love hearing him sing. The joy of a #selfie ey! Thankfully he generally obliges to my little indulgence x


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