My Superhero

Has it really been a whole month since our gorgeous boy turned the grand old age of 3? Wow. I often think that time flies, passing us by like a shooting arrow. It really does. Like most things his birthday had started to fade into the background, that was until the professional pictures landed on my lap on Sunday morning. Perfect. It was so lovely looking over them. As I only managed to take a few snaps myself what with running round, organising and cutting cake for the party bags I was feeling a little sad that I hadn’t taken more.

Unlike last year we arranged for his birthday party to be after his actual birthday, to build his excitement but also for our own selfish reasons. We wanted to spend some time together. We had planned a 2-day adventure and stay over at Alton Towers as a surprise for Lil G. Unlike previous years we hadn’t actually spent his birthday day together as a family, but as he was much more aware this year (talking about it from January) we thought it would be a great time to steal some time together as a family. We were right. We really did have two days ‘Just Us’ … ‘Our Little Family’. All the time talking about his upcoming birthday party, with all of his friends and of course more presents. It is safe to say he was excited. So was I.

I had spent 6-months planning his birthday and party. It started with the Theme. The most important part, right? Back in January when the topic of his birthday came up, Lil G was quick to suggest a superhero theme where he could dress up. And so it began. The venue, invitations, decorations, card, wrapping paper, dressing up, party bags (my favourite), the cake or cakes (my 2nd favourite), the entertainment and of course the presents. Well actually I left that to Mr H. As I write this post, he is already putting together a wish list for Lil G’s Christmas! Oh to be a child again. He is one lucky boy.

What was so special about the 3-days of birthday celebrations was Lil G’s reactions…

This is the best day ever

Wow are all these presents for me

This is so much fun

I love my birthday

Is it my birthday again today?

When it came to capturing his birthday party we chose to enlist the helpful hand of a close friend who has some pretty nifty photography skills. I didn’t want to spend the day hiding behind a camera, so it made sense to hand the rains over to someone we could trust. He did so well, what with 20 toddlers running round, refusing to stand still, falling over with excitement, he succeeded.

Here are the results… (the 1st 3 are my handy work)

George Bday post

George - Decorating

george birthday blog

george birthday pic


george birthday post

George birthday post & review Hullabaloo

Review - Hullabaloo

birthday cake

george birthday picture 1

george birthday picture

party bags


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7 thoughts on “My Superhero

  1. That cake is amazing! I really really want to make a rainbow cake as some point in my life! It looks incredible! Looks like the party was a big hit! x


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