Commuter Diaries [Part 3]

As my commuting days have come to an end for this week, I thought it was time to update you with the trials and tribulations on commuting via train into Manchester. Surprisingly my journeys this week have been a little quiet. With no real dramas other than a late train or two, therefore I thought I would be a little creative with this weeks post.

As a little treat and with the help of some commuting friends I have put together a list of pet hates for you to browse through…

pet hates


  1. The clicker – the door will not open until the green light comes on, STOP clicking!
  2. Shouter – either talking loudly to their neighbour or talking loudly on the telephone
  3. The over friendly commuter – I’m sitting quietly, reading my kindle or sending an email, yet she sits next to me, she talks, I just want to read, to switch off and we’re in the QUIET zone
  4. Teenagers – god love them for their confidence but seriously SHUT up, STOP swearing, STOP giggling so loud, please be QUIET
  5. Toe tapper – this always tends to be a man, sitting next to you, toe tapping, shaking his knee, WHY WHY WHY
  6. Stinky eater – apparently bananas are the worst, it’s the smacking of the lips that gets me, please STOP
  7. Space hoarder – is your quarter of the table not enough? Laptop, newspaper, papers, coffee, books
  8. Phone clicker – who still has key pads on their phones? Click click click
  9. Other commuters – this one made me laugh out loud!
  10. Latecomer – the one who gets to the train door late only to be told ‘too late’ and then begin shouting at the train manager. YOU were late


Do you have any to add to the list? I would love to hear them…


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