Love The Little Things

It’s that time again where I look back at our week as a family and appreciate the little things that have made up the week. I really do enjoy this little linky and all the bloggers who join in. If you would like to join our #LittleLoves crew then do pop on over to Morgana’s blog and join in. Here are my #LittleLoves…



I have been making strides with my current book on the kindle, the ‘Vintage Teacup Club’ by Vanessa Greene – it really is my cup of tea. See what I did there! *chuckles to oneself*. I really have been able to get lost in the characters, for me that is a good book. I have already downloaded my next book which is Milly Johnson’s ‘The Tea Shop on The Corner’.

Lil G has been reading through some old classics in the LadyBird Tales Collection…

My favourites this week Mummy have been 3 Little Pigs and Jack & The Beanstalk. I love them



This week we have been engrossed in the True Blood series. Have you seen it? I have never watched a vampire series before however I do love love love the Twilight movies, I’m #TeamEdward.

We started watching them two weeks ago, I have to admit that it has taken me a little while to get into them but as we are now in the middle of the 2nd series I think it is safe to say that we will be working our way through the other 4 series, to get up to date with the current series on TV. Wow. I didn’t realise the series started in 2008, hubby has just googled it for me! Clearly we are behind the times on this one.

Lil G is back on to the movie Frozen and as I type is watching the movie! ‘The skies awake, so i’m awake, we have to play’ … I wonder if this is why Lil G has been waking me up at 5am …. Dam you Ana.



No surprise what I have been wearing… Vintage skirts & satchel from @SpoiledFox … I love the colour of this one, simple but lovely

Little Loves 1.8


Sticking with the blue and white theme, Lil G has been sporting the Nautical look … with the added accessory of his froggy sunglasses!


little loves 1.8 (1)



Mainly Lil G singing this week, theme tunes to movies, nursery rhymes and Happy Birthday to his best buddy Freddy.

A lot of groans, and before your mind wonders I mean from my Caveman training classes. Wow they are tough, worth it for the Christmas party dress though.



Things have been a little tense in the office this week so I thought I would bake some double chocolate muffins to lighten the mood… I think they worked

little loves 1.8 (2)


and lastly…

The first part of the Guardian & National Trust article is now live, if you fancy a read here is the link

We have a lovely family weekend ahead, Mr H doesn’t have to work and no swimming lesson on Sunday which means we don’t have to rush out at 8.30am! Feeling grateful of the summer today and the little rest on a Sunday morning for the next 5 weeks. Our week days are always rush rush rush so I am determined to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. Scratch that. I’ll be off Caveman training at 9am … Geez.

Ooh and tomorrow I have a girly night out to an open air concert at Trentham Gardens. We’re going to be watching a Motown Vogue Tribute band… with fizz, food and dancing. Excited.

I think that’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend ladies and see you next week.

KA x








11 thoughts on “Love The Little Things

  1. Ooh, what’s Caveman training? At the moment I’m doing Warrior training at half 8 on a Sunday morning, last week I almost cried it was that tough 😦
    We went to a little street market on Sunday and one of the stalls was selling little vintage tea cup candles, just like in the book, I need to go back and get a couple!
    And the muffins look yummy! xxx


  2. Love your outfit, I have a similar satchel that I got in Camden. Hope ye have a wonderful weekend together! Enjoy your night with the girls, I had mine last weekend (much needed!) cake solves all problems, especially chocolate ones! #littleloves xxxx


  3. You weekend ahead sounds like fun! I like the lazy Sunday idea 😉 Its nice to have at least one lazy day a week! Muffins are always a big hit, yours look delicious! I adore that skirt and love your shoes!


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