Me and Mine : A Family Portrait Project {July}

July in words and pictures for the Me and Mine : A Family Portrait Project {July}

We have enjoyed Lil G’s first sports day, our first family bbq’s of this year (a little late I know), long sunny days and some rainy ones sadly, lots of visits to the park and woods, and walks with our doggy Alf. We’ve been to two of our local outdoor paddling pools, spent time with friends, ate great food and took part in an exciting project with the Guardian and National Trust. The #50Things project, which is all about getting your children closer to nature.

My first #MeandMine photograph is from the photo shoot we had with the Guardian


National Trust: the Hargreaves family in their front yard


The rest are the closest I got to capturing Our Little Family


me and mine 1.8 (5)


me and mine 1.8 (4)


Lets not forget our 4th family member, our 1st baby, our doggy Alf…


me and mine 1.8 (2)



If this is the first time you have seen this ‘a family portrait project’ then do pop over to @dear_beautiful_ ‘s blog to see all the other entries to this link


dear beautiful



4 thoughts on “Me and Mine : A Family Portrait Project {July}

  1. Such lovely photos, and it sounds like they match up perfectly to a fun filled July. I love the 50 things project from the national trust, it’s such a lovely simple idea and we are enjoying ticking things off the list. x


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