Review: Radio Flyer Wagon: Great Little Trading Co

If like me you are a fan of retro toys…

If like me your little one no longer likes his pram…

If like me your little one still likes to be carried on the longest of walks, then this is the toy for you…


gltc review 1


From the first time Lil G saw the Curious Little Monkey from Curious George pulling along his trailer, he has been repeating the words…

Oh mummy can I have one of those… It looks fun

Instantly he was drawn to it. Typically it appeared in every episode there on, or maybe it was the same one! We even saw Doc McStuffins pulling a trailer. At first he mimicked the actions, don’t you just love imaginative play! He soon realised there was a problem when the toys didn’t follow him. And then came the pleading

Pretty pease mummy…

As his birthday was fast approaching and the fact that he had recently turned his nose up to his push chair, meaning that we often have to carry him, we thought this could be the perfect replacement. A way of chauffeuring our own Curious George around. As well as the fact that I’m a sucker for ‘pretty pease’ … Oh how he has us wrapped around his little finger! I need to correct this. And quick. Christmas is coming you know. (Is it too early to mention the C word?)

Well, when it comes to traditional and retro toys, there is only one place we turn to. That would be the Great Little Trading website or GLTC as they are more widely known. Not only because of the great selection, also because of the quality and design of the products, they are colourful, engaging, well packaged and more importantly easy to assemble. Decision made, the trailer was to be the next addition to Lil G’s retro toy collection. Browsing on the GLTC website is our favourite mistake. Eek.

We had one very happy little boy on the morning of his birthday. Unlike some toys he has not tired of this one just yet. You know what it’s like, you invest in the must have toy, often the most expensive, only for it to be snubbed. We have made this mistake more than once. Not this time. A month has passed and still we have to take it with us on our journeys out.

So far the Wagon, or trailer as Lil G calls it, has joined us on…

Our walks to Kindergarten…

gltc review 6


A Picnic in the garden (perfect toy carrier too!)…


gltc review 5


A walk through the woods…


gltc review 7


To catch up on a spot of television…


gltc review 8


A quiet place to open his birthday party bag…


gltc review 2


As you can see this is a ‘must have’ toy for any toddler. We have had so many compliments from passers by. We regularly have people waving to us on our walks to Kindergarten. I have even had one mummy walk past and say WOW to her little boy and girl. On each outing we have been stopped by people curious as to where we have purchased it from, I am proud to say Gltc!

What do I love about it…

  1. It has a strap, therefore safe in the event we go whooshing down a hill (we may have done this!)
  2. It is solid but relatively light weight – Our toddler (Lil G is 3) is able to pull it whether empty or with a picnic bag in it
  3. It has a back panel to help make the journey a little more comfortable on rougher terrains
  4. It aids imaginative play, any toy that does this gets a 5* from me
  5. It has so many uses, whether it be Lil G using it as a toy chest or a chariot for him to ride in

Where is the glitz? There isn’t one. It really is a WOW toy.

I did wonder if the different terrains would prove tricky, maybe even uncomfortable for Lil G. That didn’t happen. For extra comfort we placed the picnic blanket underneath him in case it became too bumpy, he didn’t need it. We pulled the trailer over grass, cobbles, gravel and the woodland. Happy boy. Happy mummy and daddy.

So if you are in need of a last minute ‘WOW’ toy or like us are planning a Christmas wish list for your little one, after all there is only 145 days to go!, I would highly recommend the Radio Flyer Wagon.

For more information on this WOW toy then you can follow the GLTC team on Twitter, Facebook, and course via their website where they currently have a great sale on! Sssshhhh don’t tell anyone.


NB – We were asked to review this product by the team at Gltc.


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