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Word of the Week 18


For me it is precious time, a time to switch off, escape, drift away for just a moment, some ‘me’ time which really is precious. I often read on my kindle, mostly during my commute to the office. I’m currently reading The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene. Easy reading, lovely story.

The main reason for my #WotW is because this week Lil G has allowed me to read him a story. It is generally what he does with Daddy at bedtime. As he gets out of the bath I always hear the words ‘Can Daddy read me a story’ whereas this week I have heard the words ‘Will you read me a story mummy’. Woohoo.

Both Mr H and I enjoy hunting out new books and taking it in turns to read the beautiful stories to Lil G. As part of his birthday gifts we picked up the Ladybird Tales Collection, with 24 books to read. He is really enjoying the old classics. Highly recommended and a perfect size for their little hands.



3 thoughts on “Word of the Week

  1. Oh, I do love this word! Reading is my ‘me-time’, too, and I love reading to the kids. We each take one of them every evening, so I’m always going to get at bedtime story here! That Ladybird collection looks lovely. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


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