Friendships {The Ordinary Moments}

Watching Lil G’s friendships develop into beautiful relationships full of love, fun and adventure has to be one of the Top 10 reasons why I love being a mummy. It isn’t one I thought about when we were pregnant, but it is fast becoming a really important part of him growing up. Alongside us, his teachers, his Nanny & Grandad and our friends it is his friends that will help to shape him into the person he will be. Hopefully with the same big warm heart he has now.

We are very lucky in that Lil G has a ready made circle of similar age children around him. It seems all our close friends decided to get married or have children at the same time. Whether the child is 1 or 4 he has a lovely way of playing with them. The younger ones he looks after, trying to help them whereas the similar aged children he looks up to and plays with. It makes me happy that Lil G has friendships with both girls and boys. He is happy playing ‘my little ponies’ with Annabella and then ‘Transformers’ the next with Freddy. A perfect balance in my opinion. Far too many stereotypes are put up on our children therefore it makes me happy that at this stage he is not aware of them.

It’s days like yesterday, witnessing his relationship grow with one particular buddy that spurred me on to look at this as one of The Ordinary Moments in our lives. Developing friendships. Sharing experiences. Going on an adventure. They are all ordinary moments, whereas when you put the two boys together it becomes something rather special. As they wandered around the woods, holding hands, following the signs, helping each other, excited as to what they might find along the way. It was very cute and heart warming to watch.

As I write this post Lil G has seen the picture below and said… ‘Look mummy that’s me with Freddy, we had fun’.


friendship post 8


Here are just a few of the friendships Lil G is enjoying right now…


Friendship post 1


Friendship post 2


What I love about the picture above, is that this is my friend, someone who I have shared the last 13 years of my life with. Lil G loves their little boy as much as I love his mummy.


Friendship post 3


Friendship post 5


Friendship post 6


Then there is the relationship he has with his Daddy and our doggy Alf. Just like his friends he refers to them both as his ‘buddy’. This makes my heart melt. As we leave the house in a morning he always says goodbye to our doggy, often with a parting kiss too, ‘Goodbye boy, see you soon’. It really is just the cutest thing. I am so glad that as a young boy he is growing up with a doggy. Both Mr H and I have the fondest memories of growing up with our doggy’s.

And then there is Daddy, they have a closeness which I admire, a bond that will never be broken, maybe not even penetrated by me! Not only do they share a love for each other they are similar in their love for all things football, movies, shoes and clothes. They have their similar ways too, the most notable being their OCD. Neither are happy having any small amount of dirt on them! Watching them have a father and son moment is just one of The Ordinary Moments not to be forgotten.


Friendship post 4


Friendship post 7


If like me, you love to recall {the ordinary moments} then pop on over to Mummy Daddy and Me and join in with this lovely linky…


mummy daddy me



4 thoughts on “Friendships {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Oh this post is just so gorgeous- the photos nearly made me tear up a little. So lovely. I agree, watching them develop friendships and learn from one another is the cutest thing. Mads has her little NCT buddies who she has known since they were all born and I really hope that even though they all go their separate ways when they start school next year, that we can make them stay friends as much as possible. x


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