Gruffalo Review & Milkshake Giveaway : Crewe Lyceum Theatre

Oh help, Oh no! It’s the Gruffalo… were the words coming from George and his friend as we made our way to the Crewe Lyceum Theatre this morning. The Gruffalo is the one story which George always returns to, he has enjoyed it so many times that I was worried he might narrate the show for them! I was also a little concerned that as the characters were people rather than as pictured in the story books that we might have anarchy on our hands.

Phew. I needn’t have worried the boys were very happy. They followed the story, recited parts as the show flowed… Two very happy boys indeed.


TOM CROOK _ The Gruffalo SUSANNA JENNINGS - the Mouse (Crewe Lyceum Giveaway)

For both boys it was the first time attending a theatre. I had my fingers crossed! Well it goes without saying that there couldn’t have been a more fitting show and venue for their first trip to the theatre. The Crewe Lyceum is renowned for it’s child friendly shows, stunning décor and architecture, such a beautiful theatre. The boys gave it a huge ‘WOW’ as we found our seats. The show hadn’t even started and yet they were already having an adventure.

The booking staff were very helpful and recommended we sat on row F, I requested an aisle seat in the event we needed a toilet break. We had a perfect view and even met the Gruffalo as he wandered up the aisle at the end of the show. Both boys were able to see and were playing along as the show became more and more interactive as it went. As it was a surprise for Lil G and his first visit I was delighted that we had chosen the Crewe Lyceum. He was extremely excited and despite the characters (with the exception of the Gruffalo) not being in full costume he still followed the story and knew what to expect next.




Crewe Lyceum (seats)



Now for the exciting part…

I am delighted to be able to offer one lucky reader a family ticket (four tickets, minimum one adult) for the upcoming ‘Milkshake! Party Party Live’ show at the stunning Crewe Lyceum Theatre on Tuesday 12th August at 1pm. Any Milkshake fans out there? It looks like a great line up with Jen Pringle & Olivia Birchenough hosting.




For those that haven’t seen the show which is aired on Channel 5, it offers age-appropriate programmes, games, songs, dances, stories, and competitions for pre-school children. The perfect show for those parents with children aged between 2 to 7 years who are currently home for the summer.

The show promises to have children and adults alike up on their feet, singing along, and jumping with delight. As part of their 12-month tour of the country, the Milkshake! Party Party Live will be stopping at the Edwardian style Crewe Lyceum.

For more details on the line up or to get your little ones excited, follow this link

The giveaway will close on Sunday evening at 5pm, with the winner announced shortly afterwards. The winning family will be able to collect their tickets from the box office on the day. What are you waiting for, escape to The Crewe Lyceum Theatre for the Milkshake Party Party Live show by entering now…

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If you are interested in visiting the Crewe Lyceum with your littles then here is a list of the Children’s shows that are coming up:

Milkshake –

What Became of the Red Shoes –

Old MacDonald Had a Farm –

Cheshire’s Biggest Pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk

Sing-a-Longa-a- Frozen

Octonauts –


*Please note I was offered these tickets as part of this review






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