Commuter Diaries {part 4}

Has another week really nearly passed us by. Wow

Well I haven’t had a usual week for commuting. I have only stepped on to the train once this week which is most unlike me. As a rule I travel into the City of Manchester 3 days. Well, Wednesday’s lack of commute was a planned days holiday with Lil G, we were off to the theatre to see the Gruffalo! It’s behind you. However today I was chained to the house nursing a poorly little boy. Thankfully after a 12-hour stint of mummy cuddles and a lot of naps he is fighting fit with balance restored in the superhero vs dinosaur battle.


Commuter Diaries Part 4

Speaking of battles, as I mentioned I transferred from train to the car on Wednesday and boy did I regret that.

I am used to the odd confrontation when on the train, a silly passenger more than not in the wrong but choosing to be stubborn. However not so much when driving. We arrived at the theatre car park early, as you do in an attempt to park as close as possible. Well, the silly little lady clearly had her eyes closed and hadn’t witnessed the kind man gesture to me that he was leaving his space. So like any normal person I popped my indicator on and reversed to let him out. Oh no she didn’t. Oh yes she did. I could see her notice what was happening, she quickly popped it in reverse however as she was in a fluster and clearly knew that she was trying to screw me over she stalled. HA

I calmly and smoothly made my way into the space, not before acknowledging the kind man who had let me take the space. Well, it goes without saying she was not impressed. Eek. She continued to drive towards the car. Shaking her silly head, I could tell that her anger was building, finger pointing. She didn’t swear I will give her that however her response kind of went like this (to which I just laughed)…


Thanks a lot *shakes head, points finger*

That was my space *shakes head, points finger*

You could see I was driving in to it *points finger*

I have a child with me (I should think so, it’s the Gruffalo!)

Thanks a lot *shakes head furiously*


Well, how I chuckled. On the other hand Lil G’s nanny was getting a little stressed by the angry little lady in her Mini. What if she sits by us she said? Well of course she won’t, there is a whole theatre.

Guess what, some 10 minutes after sitting down in our seats, who was to come and seat directly behind us…. OMG. She didn’t choose to, the event was ticketed! Eek. She recognised us. Silly lady I thought as she threw me an evil look. And then two of her friends and their children arrived to which she persisted in telling them that she would have been here sooner if some stupid cow hadn’t taken her space. Did she just call me a stupid cow in earshot. You will be proud of me, I did not respond, I just immersed myself in Lil G’s excitement to see the Gruffalo.

To top it off, she was dressed up to the nines, like she was off on a night out with the girls. Seriously it was the Gruffalo. It was 11am. Were the heels and skimpy dress necessary. It was also raining. She was this little, angry woman. A non-commuter fuckwit. Attempting to create something over nothing. Do these people have nothing better to do? Do they not see the example they are setting to their children.

Well, I am glad to be returning to the train commute next week. Normal service will resume. I kind of love my train fuckwits now.

Until next week.




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