He really does make me chuckle. That would be Lil G and the things he says. Whether it be to us, to his toys or the conversations I overhear him having with his little buddies.



I’m sure your little ones are the same, kids really do say the funniest of things don’t they? I remember the time when Lil G would say a [Word of the Week] whereas now it is a [Phrase of the Week]. Saying something for the first time. A new phrase which leaves you flabbergasted, wondering where it came from. Is it kindergarten, a movie, a cartoon, his friends or has he overheard one of us? Mr H and I often look at each other and think huh where did that come from? I love how he continues to amaze me with his language.

I first wrote a post like this back in May, thinking it would be an annual thing, I was wrong. Despite still saying some of those phrases he has developed a whole new bundle of them. They have now become one of {The Ordinary Moments} for Lil G. And for your delight I thought I would share them with you.

Pssst the first is my all time favourite…


Poo Poo get out of my bum

Will you please listen to me (I love that he still uses his manners when angry with me)

Excuse me Sir

No more pictures (quickly followed by…)

Let’s do a selfie mummy

A tiny bit mummy (when he’s trying to eat my food!)

A little help here

Give me a boost (what he said to his swimming tutor when climbing out of the pool)

Let’s have a try

Oh come on (when Hulk isn’t winning the battle)

You’re funny aren’t you son (when talking to his toys)

My am George Archie Hargreaves

I can’t help you, I’m not a Dr right now, maybe tomorrow

He’s my buddy (when talking about Daddy or Alfie)

The sun is awake, I am awake, let’s play

I want all of them (talking about his Christmas wish list, yes we are on THE list!)

You silly billy (his favourite)

Are you grumpy? (when you have said no to him for something)


What are the funny, cute, gorgeous phrases your little ones say?

For more Lil G phrases take a look at the first post I wrote on this topic back in May here.


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19 thoughts on “Language

  1. I love it… “A little help here please!”

    My daughter recently told us she wanted to be a cookie, after some questioning it turns out she wants to join the Brownies. Another favourite of mine is “Marks & Spensives” which I actually think is probably a more accurate name – cleaver little thing!

    Really funny post, thanks xx


  2. Aw, really sweet. This will be such a lovely post to look back on one day and remember just how he was at this age. I love the being polite when angry thing. Milin is often mid-tantrum about not eating his vegetables when he screams at me: “No spinach thank you mummy.” xx


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