Review : What Lil G thought of Vita Coco Kids

Apparently kids of all ages are going coco-nuts for the new naturally fruit flavoured coconut drinks from Vita Coco. Lets see…

Coconut water for me is a no no, although having tasted the new Kids range, I may have converted! It’s ok if I drink these ones right? Sssshhhh don’t tell anyone.

Back to Lil G…

With the soaring temperatures and the constant battle of keeping a toddler hydrated I was delighted when this box of cheeky monkeys arrived in the post for Lil G to taste. With all the hype around coconut water and its natural benefits I was desperate to see if I could convert Lil G to something a little more healthier yet still tasty.



Enjoy he did! He was instantly attracted to the packaging, the characters and the fact that he could pop the straw in to the drink himself. It’s all about control with Lil G you see. If he is able to make his own decisions … Like choosing which flavour then he is happy. Perfect. The Vita Coco’s new Kids range we sampled were in two flavours, Apple & Blackcurrant and Mango & Pineapple, with the added benefit of a coloured top to match the flavour!

So, we liked the packaging, we’ve chosen a flavour and now for the taste test…




The licking out of the tongue was quickly followed by ‘I think they are delicious’ … Success!

He loved them so much that I found him standing at the fridge the next day waiting for the next coconut flavoured water instalment. This time he asked for a ‘yellow one mummy just like the sun’.

Taste test number two… A thumbs up and a huge smile!



And now for the important bits, adults take note. Vita Coco Kids drinks are good for you because…

  1. Low calorie and low sugar alternative to other kids chilled drinks (tick)
  2. Naturally fruit flavoured coconut water (tick)
  3. Coconut water based therefore high in Potassium and Vitamin C (tick tick)
  4. Lil G did seem to be more hydrated, he certainly went longer between demands (tick)
  5. Fun characters, colourful and eye-catching therefore of interest to Lil G (tick)


NB: We were sent samples of Vita Coco Kids for the purpose of this review



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