Our Maize Maze Adventure

What a beautiful day. With the great weather we were blessed with today, a stunning blue sky, big balls of cotton wool for clouds, we couldn’t help but venture out with Lil G.

9 Aug 14

We were excited to be off to Wheelock Farm. It’s not just any farm you see. It has a fantastic petting area, rather spacious, a cafe which makes the most delicious bacon and stilton sandwiches (so Mr H tells me), two separate play areas and wait for it … a Maize Maze. When we arrived today we stumbled across it and WOW it was the highlight of the day. (entry to these areas costs £3.50 per child).

9 Aug 14 (6)

With the addition of the Maize we had a great afternoon. To make the most of your time at the Farm I would recommend that children over the age of two will enjoy it most as the play area is a little on the big side. That said we have been visiting Wheelock Farm since Lil G was 6-months old. He is old enough now to enjoy all areas within the farm, with one of his favourite areas being the petting area, not only for the animals!

9 Aug 14 (3)


Then there is the restaurant. You can eat in or out. If eating out there are swings and tractors to keep the children entertained. They serve both hot and cold meals as well as a kids menu. All reasonably priced. However there are places for you to enjoy your own picnic so do not feel obliged to eat at the cafe.

And lastly…

His little face was adorable. He was in little boy heaven. Running through the Maize, not once but twice. Wondering whether to go left or right. Laughing as we hit a dead end, uh oh, and delighted when the path in front stretched for what felt like miles. Lil G is so happy running outside in the fresh air, I really enjoy watching him soak up all the surroundings. Taking in new experiences. Exploring. Running freely without a care in the world. Oh to be three again.

9 Aug 14 (5)

What came next was just the sweetest thing. Just as our time at the farm was coming to an end he told us…

I feel happy mummy

Heart melting moment. We are often guilty of over complicating the types of fun we have with our boy. A day trip. A theme park. Often expensive trips. What today has reminded us of is that we do not need to spend silly amounts of money in order to make our boy happy. Including ice creams and entry to the children’s area we spent £10.

As you leave be sure to visit the Farm Shop, a fantastic array of food and gifts, local produce, as well as an old school puddings and sweets section. You can tell I have a sweet tooth right? More importantly you have to have an ice cream, they are delicious, unusual flavours. My personal favourite is the Liquorice & Blackcurrant, take a look (it’s the one on the right)…

9 Aug 14 (2)

For those that do not know the area, Wheelock Farm is in Sandbach, Cheshire. With ample parking and well what more can we say, I believe the photographs say it all. Such a great afternoon.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



9 thoughts on “Our Maize Maze Adventure

  1. Sounds like a really fun day out. I live in Sandbach, and keep forgetting we have this wonderful place on our doorstep. I haven’t visited since the Maize has been there, but will definitely try to take the kids again soon 🙂


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