Project 365 {Days 22 – 28}

friendship post 8

Day 22 – Explorer – We ventured into the deep dark wood at Delamere Forest in search of the Gruffalo, one of the best afternoons we have had this year

ice lollies

Day 23 – To be jolly – We made ice lollies as part of the #Kidsinthekitchen project, strawberry was our favourite

little loves #9 2

Day 24 – Chef George – We donned our aprons and made flapjacks for Lil G’s nursery friends another task as part of the #kidsinthekitchen project

TOM CROOK _ The Gruffalo SUSANNA JENNINGS - the Mouse (Crewe Lyceum Giveaway)

Day 25 – Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Gruffalo – We went to our first theatre production as a birthday present to Lil G off his Nanny

Project 365 Day 24

Day 26 – Imaginative Play – Apparently Hulk & Spidy were a little tired and needed a lift, oh to be three again!

Play Shop

Day 27 – Shop keeper George – another round of imaginative play, apparently the shelves were bare and we needed to go to another shop!

Project 365 Day 22

Day 28 – Maize Maze – We stumbled across this amazing find at Wheelock Farm, and what fun we had

And that is it, another weekly round up of my #Project365 a photo a day project hosted by the lovely @TheBoyandMe

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