And so it begins…

The build up starts.

I am not talking about The Great British Bake off, although I am delighted it has returned to our screens, eek. Oh how I love you tea and cake. If only you were kinder to my hips!

photo (2)

I am talking about the football. Tonight I became a football widow. Not for the first time and certainly not for the last. With a toddler who is showing signs of loving this sport as much as his Daddy I fear a long road ahead.

I shouldn’t wish this time away however, once Lil G is a little older Mr H will be taking him to the football. It will become their thing. Which can only mean one thing for me; shopping trips,, lazy afternoons reading, writing and drinking tea.

You see, Mr H has been a lover of the round ball for in his words, as long as I can remember. His Daddy, Lil G’s Grandad first introduced Mr H to Manchester United when he was a young teenager, from that point on they have held season tickets. Great seats too. They have attended games religiously, only missing the one – Boxing Day which only changed when Lil G arrived!

They have followed the team around the country, sometimes visiting the more glamorous of locations; Barcelona, Moscow and Milan. Ooh maybe I should chaperone the next big trips. He has indulged in a new football strip each year. Apparently I will never understand this, looks around puzzled. He does have a fantastic collection of strips. So does Lil G actually and he’s only 3. He calls them his football suits, I love it! Cute.

As Grandad is no longer able to make the journey to The Theatre of Dreams my hubby has been lucky enough to keep hold of his ticket. Apparently once you let one go you will never ever get it back (or so he tells me!). As soon as Lil G arrived he made it quite clear that by the age of 5, weekend games will be their thing.

Tonight I have picked up that …

it has been a quiet 45-minutes, a goalless 45-minutes, a new manager, quality of passing and the system (see I am listening, mummy’s can multi-task!)

I must admit that historically I may have moaned about being a football widow. More so because after a busy week at work it is nice to have Mr H with us. To share the tantrums. To share the fun. To make memories. To be a family. I may have resented his time away, his ability to escape to this weekly or sometimes bi-weekly ritual. No more.

This year I am embracing becoming a football widow. I am going to make the most of my time with Lil G. Just us. Time with my boy, is so precious. We will make our own memories. We will shop, we will have fun, we will bake, we will laugh and maybe we will stay in our pyjamas just once and turn our living room into a cinema.

This year, I am happy to be a football widow.

And this is how we spent our first four hours of mummy daycare time, a truly wonderful 4-hours together creating lovely memories with my gorgeous boy…


photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)


Who else out there is a football widow? We should meet, a football widow play date 








10 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Looks like a lovely day together. I wouldn’t say I am a football widow but I am definitely half of one. 😉 My husband is a big Man U fan too (he is a Manc through and through and only lives down South because of me) 😉 but he isn’t so bad that I can’t get him to come out and do stuff with us as he will tape the games- it’s usually a bit begrudgingly though. 😉

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    • Hello, ooh if only that were the case, he does record the games but that is so that he can then watch them back when he returns, apparently you see the game from so many different angles. Yawn. Makes me chuckle. I knew what I was getting myself into some 9 years ago. For now I am definitely going to enjoy the time with Lil G. We had a lovely day on Saturday, the season certainly started well for me and our gorgeous boy


  2. Too right! You should embrace being a football widow. You should spend the time doing frivolous things with Lil G or doing things that Mr H would find annoying. I used to be a music widow. My Mr H is a amateur singer song writer and used to do a number of gigs etc. I would try and go to most of them but sometimes it was great to have the opportunity to watch the silly rom coms Mr hates; to spend ages painting my nails or pampering myself in the bathroom, or simply getting an early night. Enjoy being a football widow – you deserve it! Hugs Mrs H #sharewithme


  3. Enjoy your me time for sure. I am with you I wish that tea and cake was kinder to my hips. I would eat it everyday. So yummy! You english and that yummy clotted cream gets me every time. hahah Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


  4. Enjoy your time to yourselves, but definitely chaperone to foreign games/shopping trips. I have two boys, 4 and 1, and as a full time mum, I have to say I hope to get a few hours to myself at some point in the future!


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