Love The Little Things #11

It’s Friday morning and that can only mean one thing, it is time to catch up with the #LittleLoves crew who hang out over at Morgana’s place. That would be @butwhymummywhy

So, I have looked back over our week and here are our the little things I have loved…


I have finally finished The Vintage Teacup Club – I really enjoyed it. For anyone who enjoys a spot of light reading, warm-hearted sincere storytelling then I would recommend you take a read with a cup of tea. I’m just a little bit in love with the author and have just downloaded her short story which follows this book…

photo (6)



Not much at all. I awoke on Tuesday with the most excruciating pain in my back and sadly I still have it now. I can’t sit. I can’t stand. I’m struggling to walk. The Dr told me to sign up to Yoga as I need to strengthen my back muscles. So patronising. 3-years I have suffered. Seriously what difference does it make to the surgery if they refer me to a Physio. I can tell you that I didn’t appreciate it and actually shed a tear, I cried all the way back home. I really don’t think that the young ‘new’ Dr really understood how much pain I am in.

I only hope that I wake up tomorrow and the pain has left as quickly as it came on.



That would be our rain macs. Where has the summer gone? I still have some lovely summery outfits I want to wear. As much as I love my autumn and winter wardrobe I’m not quite ready yet.

photo (9)

I have however been looking at some new shoes which I would like to wear and hopefully will take centre stage in this little feature sometime soon. You like?

photo (8)



The sweet sound of my gorgeous George reading to his daddy. He can’t help but finish off the sentences to each of his favourite bedtime stories. He’s really getting in to his reading. It’s fantastic. I always loved to read as a child and of course still do so it makes me very happy that he is following this path.

photo (5)



I have been reviewing some kid friendly baking sets recently from Sweet Pea Pantry and here is the 2nd set… Ginger Giggles which were by far out favourite. So delicious. I was devasted when Lil G took them to Kindergarten on Monday for his friends. He was proud, I was jealous. All 26 little ones were going to get their grubby little hands on the loveliness that is Ginger Giggles! Boo hoo

photo (10)


We’ve also made Lil G’s favourite meal. Homemade meatballs, pasta in a tomato pasata and homemade garlic and herb foccacia bread.


photo (7)


and lastly…

We are taking Lil G on his first train journey to Manchester on Saturday to stay with friends. He is so excited. We have a little treat waiting for him when we get to the station too. I am sure I will be popping pictures on Instagram!

This weekend’s trip quite nicely coincides with the 1st Manchester United Game which means I have four hours of #MummyDaycare to entertain my cheeky little monkey. The MOSI have asked me to review the facilities for the younger visitor so hopefully Lil G will enjoy wandering around the museum. Other than that I am looking forward to hooking back up with Mr H and our friends, wandering around Manchester (depending on my back), eating some delicious cake in the Northern Quarter, a milkshake at Gourmet Burger and a yummy curry from our friends favourite take away in the evening.

Have a lovely weekend ladies and see you on twitter, instagram and of course reading your posts.









11 thoughts on “Love The Little Things #11

  1. I loved the Vintage Tea Cup Club so will have to have a look at what else she’s written. Your Saturday sounds fab, I’m losing my hubby too for the first United game so I’ve treated me and O to a copy of Frozen and we’ll be tucked up in the couch watching that. Have a lovely weekend xxx


  2. Love those black shoes, buy them pronto! Then I can have shoe envy and drool. Thanks for recommending a good book. I have been looking for a new book to stick my nose in, it’s been so long. lol Great #littleloves. I am hosting next week while Morgana is away, I hope to see you there!

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  3. Great #littleloves. I must get my hands on that book, have seen it mentioned a few times. Poor you with the back pain ~ I know how you feel! Love love the shoes! You have to buy them! Have a great weekend away, hope the little man loves the train ride & his big surprise xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aw sorry to hear about your horrendous back pain! That sounds like a nightmare. I’ve suffered little pains a few times in my life and it’s been enough to make me realise that long term sufferers must be in a really bad way. I hope it goes away soon. I know what you mean about summer going a bit to pot this week! I’m still doing the sandals in a thunderstorm thing though! For me it’s either sandals or winter boots so the in between seasons are always a bit tricky! That dinner looks yummy! I’ve never been to Manchester but I guess we should give it a go one day.. Have a lovely weekend X #LittleLoves

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  5. I have to agree with you, Where has summer gone?!?! The weather has been appealing lately and I honestly think summer is over *weeps uncontrollably* You have recommended a few books which I have really enjoyed {although still making my way through Giovanna’s second book!} I will put this on my wish list to have a little read! Love the shoes, they so wouldn’t suit me though, my legs are too short 😉


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