My week in pictures {Days 29 – 35 of Project 365}


Project 365



Day 29 – Let’s Bake – The rain poured so we made Ginger Giggles, yummy scrummy kid friendly biscuits from Sweet Pea Pantry, so easy, no fuss baking sets for kids

Day 30 – Delivery Boy – Lil G decided to take his yummy biscuits to Kindergarten where he shared them with his 25 friends, he was very proud when handing them in, apparently the children were very happy when munching away during their afternoon tea

Day 31 – Brothers – Beautiful blue sky, enjoying a moment chatting to his furry brother, our doggy Alfie Bear

Day 32 – Being Kermit – Lil G was particularly wicked on Wednesday, he decided not to allow me to take any pictures, unless I took a picture of Kermit first

Day 33 – Story time – A favourite time for both Daddy and George. New books which meant Lil G had to read them both at least 4 times each before he went to bed. At which point he was reciting most parts!

 Day 34 – Loving da beats – taking over Daddy’s headphones, stealing them actually, dancing and singing the night away to Daddy’s music and of  course the soundtrack to Frozen

 Day 35 – Inventor – We visited the MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) and made a DoodleBot which was a lot of fun, you set the DoodleBot up with the help of an adult and an instruction list, took only a few minutes, then as it connected it doodled for you, Lil G was mesmorised

 And there you have it, my week in pictures as part of Project 365 over at The Boy and Me



2 thoughts on “My week in pictures {Days 29 – 35 of Project 365}

  1. The most gorgeous smile and adorable little face, I think I’d spend all day kissing it! I really need to do some baking with The Boy, it’s been way too long.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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